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  1. I am over the moon about cool new mermaid stuff. Always been one of my favourite creatures! I was wondering though if you'd offer different versions of the mod -- I don't think I'll be able to get the Island Living expansion for a while, is it possible to get a Nisa-mermaid-only flavour of the mod? And thank you so much for all the really cool stuff you've done for us!
  2. I'm really enjoying the new update, thank you so much! I was just wondering if it was possible to use the cummies baster with a masturbation interaction in the future? I know there's a couple dildo animations that could make it plausible!
  3. Hey! I don't know if this LE file is from the issue since this happened a few days ago and I forgot about it until now but there was quite an event in my game! Basically I was trying out the Easter Hare stuff for the first time and wasn't paying close enough attention to my sim. She was so tired etc that she kept trying to nap on a couch while she was in labour, so I couldn't initiate the "bunny lay eggs" interaction. The "Join or Send Alone" thing kept popping up and I cancelled out a few times but then accidentally clicked on "send alone" so she went to the hospital.
  4. @phlossyphloop Hey! I have another, quicker solution for you! I use the UI cheats mod and I've found that you can use it to get rid of the dazed buff and then you can use the condom again right away with a new sex interaction. http://modthesims.info/d/558548/ui-cheats-extension.html
  5. Hey again! I had this thought last night and figured I'd throw it your way. If it isn't your cup of tea or if you're busy that's absolutely cool I super appreciate everything you've done and are doing! It adds so much more storytelling to the game that I love to exploit. Have you thought of doing anything pregnancy related like surrogacy / etc? For female sims eg they could sell themselves to provide kids for other sims. A "flower bed" for other sims, so to speak. The other sim would come over to fuck them and try to get them pregnant. Maybe "wants a kid / infertile"
  6. Hey again Nisa! I had a question about the automation system you were working on. I wanted to run a scenario where there was a retail store but the employees were actually the things selling things if you know what I mean! I did the command nisa.slutify [Full Name] but then I realized that I would have to actually switch to the employee in order to make her offer body. Will the automation you're thinking of also be available to apply to NPC sims? Either way, thank you for the mod!
  7. @NisaK I agree with Buddy16, the dark form sounds like about the coolest thing ever. Magical boob growth! Haha, I'm sure that wouldn't be the sum of it but I think that would amuse me a hell of a lot. If it's not possible then don't worry about it though! This mod is super cool and a lot of fun to play with. If you're doing something similar to vampires, I think it would be cool to have a "good succubus" aspiration. Depression for killing people or "deep drinking", maybe wanting to stick to a partner? Or evil, where you want to bang the world to death. Either way, I think somethin
  8. I agree with the cup o cum impregnation thing! Obviously depending on you and your time it'd be cool to be able to "load" it into the remote vibe you're planning too. Succubi also sounds exactly like my jam, so I'll be delighted if you ever get around to that! Maybe if they're trying to be, ha, "vegan" they can survive off cups o cum. For the person wondering about Basemental, I never installed it and didn't have any issues until the Black Widow save thing happened, but that's unrelated. Granted, I mostly played with the prostitution system instead of the traits but hey!
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