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  1. So every time I try to install this mod and then run FNIS, after clicking the update FNIS behavior button, I get a message saying "ERROR(9): Index was outside the bounds of the array" and the FNIS launcher stops (Like reverts to the way it was before I clicked the update behavior button) and it happens ONLY after installing this mod. Is there something wrong with the mod? I'm asking because I have no idea what the error message meeans
  2. *Sighs* I love the look of the sword master armor but it pretty much slims down my character's arm (The exposed one) to about half the size of the original armor when I equip this armor. If it didn't do that I'd use it since I enjoy fighting in third person quite often.
  3. So apparently this mod can never be removed since it breaks the game. I originally wanted to try this so I didn't have what was pretty much a floating radio following me around but then after installing it and entering the Nash Residence, theres the missing texture icon over the Nash guy (Can't recall his name off the top of my head) and his body is missing but his clothes are there. So I figured oh well he's not important so I went to inspect the new ED-E and when the dialog box came up, all of the options were overlayed on each other on the same line at which point I can't select anythin
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