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  1. I had the same issue. At first i thought it was related to the age of the character but after waiting till 18 with male and female, no dice. i think it might be related to the religion the kid has when it is born a slave. if its the same as yours then you cant interact with the system.
  2. @Lithia<3 yeet, im excited for sexy diplomacy
  3. I have the same issue, go to mod tools, and create a new "place holder" mod, and take the contents of the folder you downloaded off of this website and put it in the placeholder mod in your mod folder.
  4. So reading the event files, it says that if there is less than 6 pops with the oversexualized trait, then the event fires. has anyone tried it with a higher number?
  5. @wiewich I had the same problem. Completely remove the Sexyxenostraits file and .mod file from your mod folder and reinstall the latest version of the mod. What happened is that you probably moved the latest version into your mod folder without removing the old version first.
  6. I like it, its pretty niche. Excited to see where it goes.
  7. @dolco I accidentally installed the 16.09 MB one, realized it was wrong, and installed the right one, however I just replaced the files instead of deleting the old one. Thank you
  8. Hey Toronam, love the mod, am having a strange issue though. When I start a game, even a game with no a.i empires or fallen empires, and a robot empire, I get about 30 popups every day in game labeled "event_snu_fever.33" all the way to "event_snu_fever.2". It appears that the text doc that this event is in is ssxt_pop_events, however I cant seem to find out what is wrong with it. any advice would be appreciated.
  9. Has anyone looked into replacing certain sounds in stellaris? Not basic sounds like weapons, but maybe event sounds or sounds that play when you change species rights.
  10. When you say "removed it the same way TURBO did" what does that entail exactly? Also what about non-teens, why cant i sell/buy them. Also is anyone else having a problem with the prostitution overall, i can't use a lot of the normal Hoe Control menu options. Overall great mod, thanks
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