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  1. Two of many. . . Though in luxor's case, he removed all of his loose mods in favor of is AIO overhaul.
  2. I assume by going from the Visual Studio 2015 to 2019 compiler, it might (?) help the game run smoother? Idk. Honestly, a part of me feels like Beth is fucking with modders, but, at the same time, updating to the 2019 compiler might give the game a longer overall life. As for adding things, apparently, some of the CC content might be given away for free when you buy AE?
  3. I don't think they'll do FONV since it was another studio that did the lion's share of the work on that one. Be interesting to see what they do to FO4 though down the road. Then again, I'm still banging my head on that bleeping MCM error, so they can take their time on that one. . .
  4. Anyone else see the story about how badly the AE update is going to fuck up skyrim mods? Gonna wanna really make sure that you don't update right away, or maybe at all. . . https://www.pcgamer.com/skyrims-anniversary-edition-update-might-be-more-disruptive-to-modding-than-expected/
  5. There's a file commonwealth captives addons. Anyone know what this does?
  6. That is about what I was expecting. Do you know of a good guide to convert 1.61 to 1.75? Might try updating some of the old ones myself.
  7. Still trying to track down some of the mods that were removed from the nexus. Anyone know what happened to the: Cross FG conversions (chosen of atom, courser strigidae, institute expeditionary suit) HN66' Sirius armor 12 & 16 (Can only find pre-1.75 bodyslide files, unsure if anyoen made a 1.75+) NCR Ranger Veteran Armor (Unsure if there was any FG conversions made for this one)
  8. The fusion girl stuff, like most of the stuff right now, I am still trying to sort out. I was hoping modsanctum would be up by now, but it looks like that won't be happening any time soon. Most of it has been moved to the Fusion Girl discord channel, I think. There also the FG conversion thread here where you can look for other FG stuff. Not sure where all of the cross FG stuff is yet though. I've gotten 90% of the mod list sorted out, and I'm hoping to get the fusion girl part sorted out this week or next week so I can put out the next update.
  9. @Aylis You know any good modding forums where I can ask for help with stuff? Running into the weirdest body texture issue. . .
  10. Always liked the meat bags when I run super mutant redux. Which I can now do again now that I got 2 non-awkcr repalcers. Yeah, it can be a pita, cause not all the content is actually kept on the discord. Some just have links to google drive. I am hoping that once modsanctum gets up and running, if it gets up and running cause I haven't heard a damn thing about it yet, most of the mods will end up there. It's really making me debate whether I should update my list now once i'm done with this bleeping order, or wait another month to see what happens ><. Eh, probably not gonna wait though.
  11. @Aylis Not sure which one you are referring to. Got to hand it to bleeping nexus mods though: Never thought they'd be able to split the community like they did. I think once modsanctum gets up and running, we'll see some of the missing mods return. In the meantime, most of the modders seem to be hosting a good chunk of their stuff on various discord servers, and a few other mod sites. Found this doc while looking for some of the missing mods. It's not a complete list, but it's better than ta kick in the ass atm: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Im5Mg-l2btRsYVOjaJa0slrjDcXNvi41J5pHw_Zuwqw/edit Also, have you heard about the upcoming skyrim anniversary update? Apparently, there will be fishing.
  12. No, well, maybe some of it. Ghost enb is definitely doing part of the darkening because the pip-boy screen isn't as dark when I was trying other enbs. NAC does seem to be doing some of it, but ghost is making it worse. You can lighten the pop-boy a bit by adding the following to the fallout.ini: fPipboyScreenEmitIntensity=5.0000 fPipboyScreenDiffuseIntensity=5.000 the default values are 1.2500 and 1.500 respectively. Trying the 5s to see if it makes a difference. Though at the moment, i'm trying to figure out what is causing the screen to go black and white when taking chems or standing near radiation sources. Eh, I like some of what NAC X is doing, but some of the other stuff is getting overly annoying -.-
  13. @Aylis Using ghost enb, did you have the problem with the pip-boy screen getting real dark? If so, I am curious to know how you fixed it if you have.
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