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  1. I remember reading the Darwin Award books probably a decade or so ago, one that really stuck with me was the one about the man and the belt sander. Man, what a terrible way to "lose your marbles"!
  2. If I know the person, or have been there before, I take off my shoes without asking. However, If I just met the person, or their carpet looks like some kind of blue waffle discharge, shoes stay on.
  3. Well, the setup is rather intricate, but fortunately the Vive includes these nifty little straps that you tighten around your genitals that allows for dual weilding. Just be careful about moving too fast! Going to the ER with severe rugburn or a detached member while wearing a VR headset would be a terribly embarassing affair.
  4. DaBigMunny


    All you gotta do is eat a strip of blotter, you'll be alright
  5. Just rebuilt my PC, had a headache with the board due to a severely outdated BIOS but It's finally working with the exception of one of my sticks of RAM and as 2 TB hard drive that probably just needs a few cables reseated. ASRock Pro4 AB350M AMD Ryzen 2700x NVidia 1070Ti 8GB Mini (I bought it literally a week before the 2000 series was announced, kill me) 16 (8x2 sticks) DDR 500 GB Hard drive, Samsung(?) for OS and general use 1 TB WD, Steam Drive 2 TB WD, non-mobile torrents (when I get the fucking thing working) And I think a 650 Watt Cooler Master PSU, That one might shit out on me because its about 6 years old by now so uh oh I haven't played anything more intensive than a Source game on it yet lol
  6. I think it was 90 GB, now that I'm doing a full reinstall due to a pretty significant upgrade I expect to be around 30 GB more than that, or maybe around the same.
  7. The big question: Can you shit while standing up? That would be one hell of a party trick, right there.
  8. Recently, Frank Zappa has been my obsession, in particular the albums Joe's Garage (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AN7C45gmwY0) and Hot Rats (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2uEijJoiZbU). However, I've recently been returning to Nine Inch Nails as well as Rammstein (first concert), and am eagarly awaiting seeing the dark synth artist Carpenter Brut in April, as well as whenever Perturbator returns to Chicago.
  9. Not my counterpart per se, due to me not actually being a seven foot tall raptor witch in meatspace, but this is my current character, Knocks-Over-Animals. My previous two characters, Duralia (Argonian) and Darancia (Red Orc) are also visible, but not featured... yet. Wish I knew more about facial molding...
  10. DaBigMunny

    Anime Soundtracks

    The Perfect Blue soundtrack, as well as the soundtrack to Paprika, are fantastic albums that really put you back into watching the movie whenever you hear them.
  11. Anything Junji Ito is going to be great, if only for the art alone. Watamote is probably one of the best out there, for the pure schadenfreude it inflicts, and Please Tell Me, Galko Chan has the double threat of interesting colors and cute girls. Parasyte is classic, it's The Thing as a manga, and Monster Mususme... who doesn't love cute monster girls?
  12. That option doesn't seem to work, is there any other way to disable that aspect? Every time I leave a building after a night, even with that option disabled and base chance set to zero, a kidnapping attempt is made.
  13. I seem to have resolved the issue by loading a older save, I think it may have had something to do with several scripts which kicked in. Generally I've had no issue with re-running LOOT after installs, and other mods have been fine as well. However, I'll keep your comments in mind inm the future. Thanks for the replies!
  14. After installing a few more mods to my admittedly bloated modlist, I've noticed a severe increase in my load times, as well as the appearance of several second long freezes regularly. In addition, I seem to no longer be able to manually save, with the game freezing for several minutes without and file being created. The mods I installed were Sexlab Seperate Orgasms, with compatibility for Aroused and Homones; an update of Inflation Framework, the most recent MNC package, and the Anub animation packs. I think it might be the SLSO package, but I have no idea. It could also be the inflation network and my settings, as I notice the slowdowns occuring when the mod adds new NPCs to the framework, but again, I am no coder.
  15. For your listening pleasure.
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