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  1. SSR.Event.SUKOSHI DEKAI.zip added the Marie version, deldte the old folder. It include three versions of the awakened suit. I tried to transform the normal suit. but the breast looks so strange. I don`t know how to solve the problem.
  2. The R suit for honoka, maybe it will be updated.😂 Honoka_Cumin.zip
  3. SSR.Luminous Pruem.Ayane.zip Really a simple mod, there is a problem about the panty, Maybe it could be better, but I`m too busy recently, have no time to learn to solve it. If you don`t mind it, please use it until the better one.
  4. 😨It always happened in the panty, 😔Is there anyone could tell me how to fix this problem? Thanks.
  5. I updated it. but I don`t use the tattoo skin, so I'm not exactly sure it ok.
  6. the mod was originally created by Knight77, thanks for his work! SSR_Event_OneDayInSummer Part2 new.zip
  7. Maybe press shift+F2 or shift+Fn+F2 to change the shadow. @marktwain123
  8. I am a beginner of making mod. So, this is just a simple mod to remove the bra and panty. Really thanks to minazuki and DarkStarSword, SSR.Event.Carnival.Honoka.Luna.zip
  9. Sorry to bother you. I have a question about the folder: FrameAnalysis, I press F8 to get the folder, but I got too many files,like the picture.
  10. sorry, I just tried to learn how to make a simple mod,so I START from the video of DarkStarSword in youtube, but, could anyone tell me why I don`t have the folder”frameanalysis“?should I Install any other software?
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