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  1. If breast scalling works for you, please write which body you are using (name in bodyslide)
  2. I found file "BeastChildBody.nif" and try to edit it, but in game nothing has changed
  3. I would just like to edit the mesh because they are out of the world in my assembly
  4. @Bad Dog Is there any way I can change the children model myself?
  5. Someone known why on official skyrim companions enlarge breasts doesn't work, but on few random nps's turned into milkmaid work correctly. (Official companions: Lydia, Aela the hunters.) (SLIF installed.)
  6. Is there any way to disable "Force unequip/equip cow legs"? I have installed Yiffy age and BAC, and my followers (if they turned to cow) all time reequiping cow/furry legs and weapon. (with sound of equiping weapon on repeat) Maybe someone know how to fix this?
  7. I'm using cbbe body hdt. If i check "path morph" my game chashing in 3rd person camera, in 1st person all good. If don't check "path morph" all good, but breast scalling not work
  8. I have dressed on my character only one ring, one necklace, inari hdt tail and boots
  9. Anyone have idea why breast scalling not work on my pc character and Lydia, but on other milkmaids work correctly? I have installed SLIF and try to re-register my pc and lydia, but it not help. (Other milkmaids is random nps, not followers. I turn his into followers by EEF)
  10. Please tell me if there is a fallout 4 mod that makes all clothing and armor invisible (so that there is a naked body). There is such a thing in Skyrim, I would like to find something like this here.
  11. How to trigger sex scene when you in werewolf form?
  12. @Grey Cloud I install Load Game CTD Fix, SKSE Plugin Preloader, Crash fixes and ENBoost. Crashes stopped, friezes remained, but I think I can handle them by setting up enblocal.ini Thank you so much, now I can calmly (almost) walk around the cities!
  13. No, it crash in other citys too
  14. I did everything that you advised, and noticed that for many NPCs, body textures returned to their original (human, but I use Yiffy Age of Skyrim) My LO now
  15. I know but arrow not clickable
  16. I try to disable animal SOS but it doesn't help
  17. change load order is safety to save files?
  18. i know it horrible. I fear if i change load order something breake my save files
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