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  1. What mod i can install to give "naked" sexlab tag to all armor/clothes in game. I can give it by SOS, but it too long (one clothes at a time) (I have installed "No Armor mod" and i'm need to tag all armor to "naked")
  2. And can someone help? I try to scale body in 3ds max. Copy files to game. And when i try to turn into werewolf i see red triangle with "!" symbol
  3. Is this mod support breast scaling? I have MME and I'd like to see werewolf breast growings
  4. For breast expansion (not only breast) you can use this About lactation i can't help.
  5. Is this mod suppurts on LE? I'd like to install it, but i play on LE skyrim and fear to breake my unstable build of mods.
  6. Which mod add sex animation for 3, 4+ persons? (skyrim LE)
  7. (Left- Lydia, Right - my pc Eva have fun with random whiterun guard)
  8. If breast scalling works for you, please write which body you are using (name in bodyslide)
  9. I found file "BeastChildBody.nif" and try to edit it, but in game nothing has changed
  10. I would just like to edit the mesh because they are out of the world in my assembly
  11. @Bad Dog Is there any way I can change the children model myself?
  12. Someone known why on official skyrim companions enlarge breasts doesn't work, but on few random nps's turned into milkmaid work correctly. (Official companions: Lydia, Aela the hunters.) (SLIF installed.)
  13. Is there any way to disable "Force unequip/equip cow legs"? I have installed Yiffy age and BAC, and my followers (if they turned to cow) all time reequiping cow/furry legs and weapon. (with sound of equiping weapon on repeat) Maybe someone know how to fix this?
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