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  1. Is the beast races support and the male stuff combined together, or are they enabled separately? I'd like to have the gear for beast races, but don't want any male bondage in my game whatsoever.
  2. I think I'm missing something. Is the newest update out yet? Because when I go to the download page it's just the 8.0 version.
  3. Sorry if this has been answered before but is there a place to download the latest version with all the new stuff? All the updates look great and I can't want to play around with them in game.
  4. I'm so excited since Skyrim can always use more gags. One thing I'm curious about is if there are any plans to include an OTN variant as well?
  5. They look fantastic! Just a suggestion though, I think that the chest straps would look better if they we're the same color as the trim. Right now they kind of blend in with the the main body of the armbinder
  6. The other day I came across an artist on Deviant Art whose gallery is full of stuff that seems like it would be a great fit for Devious Devices and they would share animations with existing items. https://dark0901.deviantart.com/art/MD3-laraKatSuit-GIF-Anim-Zipped-nonHeadSack-611213393 https://dark0901.deviantart.com/art/MD3-Lara-Sack-Project-File-v1-575094650
  7. I don't know if there's a command to stop animations outright, but if you use "sae huga" it does a really quick hug animation
  8. Oh I meant that more towards the person who was asking for the rope restraints. More as 'this exists if you haven't seen it btw'. I am pretty excited if more restraints and gags are being added to Skyrim.
  9. If you haven't seen it yet, a bunch of rope restraints were just added to the development build of Devious Devices including rope gags
  10. I think the expression used for the large ballgags needs to be tweaked a little. The first picture is the default expression and there is a bit of extra space between the ball and the lower lip. In the second picture I used the console to drop "Eee" (mfg phoneme 5) from 100 to 0. I think the second looks better as it looks like her mouth is actually closed around the ball. The only other thing I can think of is to lower the ball's trishape in the nif so it sits better in her mouth.
  11. If you want to see them without triggering them, look for the name of the animation you want to see in one of the logs that are generated when you run FNIS. Then open the console ingame and type "sae [animation name]" or "playidle [animation name]".
  12. I found a bug with the bondage mittens. Successfully unlocking them after a failed struggle attempt with result in the "you are too tired, wait X hours before trying again" message being given directly after the "you successfully removed the item" message and they still stay locked on your character.
  13. Is there supposed to be a rope harness that doesn't restrain the legs? I ask because I see the nif in my directories and there is an armor addon for it, but I can't find it in game.
  14. If your characters are in the T pose it's an animation/skeleton issue. Did you run FNIS before you started Skyrim?
  15. If you're looking to add tape gags I've got one that I've been working on. The mod is done, except I just have to move it forward a bit as there are some clipping issues if someone's lips are a bit forward, but you guys are welcome to use it.
  16. Oh my god, to be that close and have no idea! Thank you so much, I was going stir crazy as I must have recreated that nif over 6 times trying to figure out where I screwed up lol. When I finally have some free time I'll have to try working on some other things, as I feel like there aren't nearly enough gags in skyrim. I'm in the process of trying to get my hands on a copy of 3ds max 2012 but it's nice to know I can fall back to blender if I'm unable to do so! Thank you again.
  17. Just a suggestion, but have you thought about adding a crotch rope to the default waist rope? I ask because it seems like something that would fit so well with it.
  18. I would love to be able to finish it but I have absolutely no clue on how to get the item working in game. I was able to edit an existing mesh and get that working but it was by accident and I have now clue what I did. The main problem I'm having is the only software that is available now that can import into skyrim is blender 2.49b. There's too many steps involved with 2.49b and I'm not experienced so if something goes wrong I won't know until I try to get the item in game and when it doesn't work, I don't know where I messed up. The niftools available for the blender 2.7+ can't export meshes
  19. Would it be possible to keep the furniture interaction, or make it toggle on the MCM menu? I thought it was actually a new feature and enjoyed finally being able to sit on chairs and other furniture while wearing straitjackets and other restraints.
  20. If it was change to a system based on stamina would it be possible to add a stamina regen debuff to the devices to make escape less spam-y? Personally, I treat the framework as an end to itself, I like just running around with the devices and coming up for my own reasons why my char has them on her. I understand completely why the changes were made and I like that the items now behave differently, but the time lock doesn't really prevent me from spamming escape, it just adds an extra step to it. (escape>escape>escape>freedom vs escape>wait x hours>escape>wait x hours>.
  21. Yeah, you'll find a lot of stuff in the console related to this mod which has zero functionality. Lots of trial and error. I think the suit you're referring too was an attempt by me to pair an animated object with the suit, but it never worked quite right and I had to abandon the idea to make progress elsewhere. I originally did a lot of my modeling in an architectural program called Revit, which sounds insane now, but you've gotta work with the tools you know. It still required me to export to 3Ds Max for the Niftools plugin, so I could export to a format Skyrim understands. Now,
  22. I agree. I love layered gags. I'd like to make more gags down the line, but I figured its better to start small and get a simple tape gag into the game before moving on to more complicated stuff.
  23. Something I found while playing around with the devices. Equipping that ball and chain while wearing the restrictive boots causes the top part of the boots to disappear. Before: After:
  24. Hey all. Sorry of the lack of work on this, my course work for college picked up and I didn't have much free time to work on this. Since my summer break started I've been able to get some more work done of this mod. I opted to go with a smaller gag that's a "block" so it (hopefully) fits better with more head shapes. Also I was able to smooth out the gag so the lips are less pronounced. Now for the sucky part. I tried to get it in game but when I equip it on my char it causes her head to become invisible except for the gag. I've tried starting the import over from the start again, fo
  25. That last post really helped and I was able to fix the problems with the nif. Also I figured out why that "line" was there in my NiTriShape, I forgot to zero the object's position and rotation in 2.78 before exporting it to 2.49b. Which leads to... Getting the nif into the game. Which is awesome. Now I need to get the textures to show up (even though I have silverTape.dds...unless it's case sensitive) I just changed the case to match the name of the texture file in nifskope and now it's telling me I need a normal map, so I'm going to go find a tutorial on youtube. Also I'm going
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