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  1. How many days did you wait? You are quest "Mafia Of Tamriel" stage 90 ? After the Anvil beast party. Quest entry: I was led to a place I never knew existed, where men, and wemon watched as filthy creatures used me for sex. I am so nasty, there filth is all over, and in me.. Yuck.. This was terrible, I felt so dirty, but to my shame, sometimes when I closed my eye's I felt pleasure. What is happening to me. I was told to again, ask around for rumors about my behavior. Waiting for them to tell me again where to go, and what to do...{ "SOB"} Then you have to wait 3 days Current day, two days nothing, then day 3 messageBox"Your Preasents is expected at Kovak Base near Gottshaw Inn. Prompt action on your part will make those poor girls life's a little safer."OK setstage XLoversGalgatBlackMail 95
  2. The LoversRapers setting is only for rape and only for LoversRapers, The rape Spell. ( Other Mods have a own set start script that set offender and defender. ) And you set it in game with the setting spell. (But you can change the ini ) The the setting guid in the spoiler https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/101-lovers-rapers-wappyones-edition-180/ Female Reverse - This setting controls reversing the animation roles in the case of female rapist. Possible settings are: Never - Female rapist is always in the offensive/giver animation position. Males Only - Female rapist switches to the defensive/receiver animation position when raping a male. Always - Female rapist always switches to the defensive/receiver animation position. Random - 50/50 chance for position switch. EDIT : Yes Lovers RaperS - WappyOne's Edition . Other LoversRapers versions have almost no settings.
  3. xLSTMain.AutoTr Permission for automatic training (training that proceeds while Player is not present) ON / OFF xLSTMain.AutoTrResist = Difficulty in automatic training. Yes I think it is the difficulty to break a slave (addicted to sex) But I don't know why it is 500 ( so it is not a % chance ) The automatic training was never very good. That's why there is the Trainer shop in the BravilUnderground addon. The chance to break a slave is higher. !The trainer should have a higher rank than the slave ! ( or the slave trains the trainer ) Train the slave yourself works better. And also changing the trainers. Player , a trainer, a creature. . . The most important setting is set xLSTmain.TrainBase to XX I think Player AND NPC use it. TrainBase value + traine rank is the chance to break a slave. ---------------- Also see spoiler at the BravilUnderground addon page
  4. LoversHookers does not have such a setting. In the ini you can set random animations for Blow job, and Sex and Rape , or you add a ani number you want. (default is random ) But you can not set offender - defender ( active - passive ) My female Player is in the defender position. The male NPC fucks me. The Futa option doesn't change anything. ( I use the futa option ) In Lovers Rapers you can set offender - defender for females during rape. Normally the raper is always in the offender position. It's ok if you use the Futa setting. But with a real female you can change the psition so that you are in the defender position during Set. With Adult play plus you have two dialogs with a female player and female NPC. You can ask another female if she wants to fuck you or if you can fuck her. With a female Player you can not fuck a male NPC. You only have one dialog. The male can only fuck the player. -------------------- You should sort your Mods. Your load order is bad. DLCs in wrong order. Armor-clothes Mods between Lovers Mods .... See my yellow Link below in my signature.
  5. The original Monstergirl Mod is dead and also most download links. https://www.loverslab.com/topic/19572-monster-girl-coc-14-plaguepatch-27112013/ But the cleaned and fixed Blocked version you find here https://www.loverslab.com/topic/62141-monster-girl-blockhead-edition/
  6. I was worried. Your first post since end of May. I hope you are fine.
  7. If someone wants to cheat, he will cheat. He can use the console to heal. Don't cheat , don't use healing spells. It is you decision. What are your Joburg gender settings ? Male-female I use Lewdness 5 And male-female 0.03 or 0.04 In my game stalking is very rare. My night time settings are high. 23°° to 4°° Gangbangs are more caused by LoversRapers, because Joburg sex is rape and then the LoversRapers gangbang starts. Yes would be nice to have a Joburg on-off function in the setting spell. . . . But you have the funktion. You can load presets [ Presets ] Select Preset [Custom 1] | [Custom 2] | [Custom 3] In the data ini folder you use one ini for the settings you want and another with all settings 0 ( Data\ini\LoversJoburgDef1.ini and Def2 and Def3 ) Now you have your on-off funktion ( if you use my version that shut off the NPC-NPC dialogs ) ----------------------------------------- The doors are closed when you do the Jobs (Cocksucker shift and Cumdumpster shift ) . Until you have earned the agreed amount of money the doors stay closed. But for the fights... why and how long ? It takes some real time hours to become champion.
  8. gif's are not allowed ! size 250 x 250 signature 250 x 600 So what do you want with 2 MB pictures ? Maybe with a BMP or other "big" formats you can reach sizes above 1-2MB but not with a jpg. Since about a year I have a better internet connection, but before I often had the "wait loading problems"
  9. The "Active Mode" is for NPC stalk NPC - NPC in sneak mode stalks another NPC. You find it in the setting of the setting spell. in [ Advanced ] ------------------ The SurpriseAttackMode is for sleep and wait rape/stalk and I can tun it on and off ---------------------------- The bag in the air is a static mesh. You have to get the nif from the Oblivion meshs bsa file and change the collision with NifSkope to "Clutter" and some other setting. Then you put it in a new folder to use it in your Mod . ! do not replace the Oblivion nif with the changed nif or all bags in game can be moved. #################################################################################################### Der "Active Mode" ist für NPC - NPC stalking. Wenn ein NPC sich an anderen NPC anschleicht ( wie er es auch beim Spieler macht ) Beim Joburg Setting spell findest du den "Active Mode" in [ Advanced ] ------------------- Die Dialoge von NPC-NPC kann man nicht ausschalten. Wenn ein NPC mit anderem über Sex redet und dann ficken sie oder ein NPC läuft zum Spieler und bittet um Hilfe weil der andere NPC ihn vergewaltigen will. In meiner Version in Post 267 kannst du diese Dialoge ausschalten. Da sind 2 esp , in einer ist es ein ini Eintrag in der andere schaltest du die Dialoge mit dem "Active Mode" ein und aus. ----------------------- Den SurpriseAttackMode kann ich in meinem Spiel an und aus schalten. Ist für stalking wenn der Spieler schläft oder rastet. --------------------------- Der Beutel in der Luft ist ein statisches Nif/mesh. Mit NifSkope kannst du die Kollision ändern von static zu clutter. Aber pack das neuen Nif ( der die das Nif ? ) in einen neuen Ordner, ersetze nicht das vanilla Nif oder alle Beutel im Spiel können bewegt werde ! Auch wenn die als statische Objekte in der esp sind und man sie nicht greifen/aufheben kann können Nif with clutter Kollision durch Schläge, Zauber, Pfeile,... bewegt werden . . . aber man kann sie nicht geifen und an ihren Platz zurückstellen. Beutel mit clutter Kollision sack01.nif ------------------------------------------------------------------ Ja, bin Deutscher
  10. LOL 10MB Avatar picture A lot of people don't use a Avatar picture at all. And a Avatar pic is so small that you can not see a difference between any pictures above 1MB. Or do you have a 60'' + monitor or a beamer ? And there are 64 Avatar pictures at the main page and not all people have a good computer or internet connection. And you have probably already seen that LL can be slow on some days. . . . Avatar pictures in spoiler ! ? And if you can use Mod creation tools you can also use 7z or Winrar and split files in 200MB parts. And you can use links to mediafire, 4shared, mega,.... and can use GB files.
  11. ? Joburg is a translation of a japanese Mod around 2010... I think you can not find the author anymore. And during the years some people made changes and fixes (therefore there are different versions) And the author of this version still exists ... because Loverslab still exists. This version works without problems with LAPF. You have the ini and ingame setting spell. Some sttings you can only set in the ini (like the time modification, there can be more stalkers at night than at noon ) There is no option to stop the NPC dialogs ( NPC talk to NPC and then fuck ) ( ! But see post 267 ! ) The stalking NPC-NPC you can stop ( NPC in sneak mode stalk other NPC ) Set the active mode to 0 But there is no "start stop" function. If you don't want the Mod you can deactivte it in the Modmanager. Or you set all setting to 0. And "unexpected messages" ? Which?
  12. Isn't it this https://www.loverslab.com/topic/150134-request-for-deadly-reflex-ryona-add-on-mod/ In post 7 ? The DeadlyReflex Ryona Combat moves version I posted in post 2 and 4 wasn't the boko version. The DeadlyReflex 5 - Combat Moves.esp in post 7 is about 100kb larger than the versions above (contains armor and more scripts) ------------------------------------------- And a Fallout version that use Fallout scripts and kf files ( animations) you can hardly convert into a Oblivion version.
  13. Why don't you place a bath in every inn in game ? From the BPH readme: To place a bath, hotkey a bathtub deed. Using the hotkey will place an empty bath, which is considered a marker. Use the deed again to place the bath somewhere else, or target the bath to remove the bath. When activating the bath (press spacebar) the bath is filled with water, the deed removed and is permanently added to the game world. From then onwards the bath can be used to keep yourself clean. Washing in a bath can be accomplished by either standing or sitting in the bath (both are fully animated) and use the washing hotkey. A placed bathtub can be removed by power attacking it. So BPH bath are permanently placed in the inns. Of course it is better to do it in CS, you can move or delete some furniture and correct the pathgrid. Load the Basic Personal Hygiene.esp and place a bath you like in an inn. If you have a lot of time you can create bathrooms that the player has to rent, like a room / bed. New cells. You add new dialogs for the innkeepers to rent a bathroom.
  14. After checking the Lovers sound files and the esm/esp ... there are no male Loverssound files. folder ns0f are female moans. In the Lovers with PK esp is only one male moan When you unpack the Oblivion sound bsa you see the 4 files During sex the game/Lovers use the folder fx\npc\human\gasp\male\ and randomly one of the 4 maon files. You could replace the files ... but then all moans in the game are changed, also during a fight. So you create a folder with the new sounds you want. in data\Sound\fx\Lovers\ you create a new folder, you can name it NSmale Now you need some maon files, browse the Internet, take the sound of porn or movies, or take a microphone and do it yourself. ( or if you are female, ask a male neighbor/friend/work colleague or your brother / father to moan . ) It does not matter how many files you have, the game will select randomly . So you can have one or two or 100 sound files. Now you need the sound files in the right format. wav mono 32bit 44100Hz Not sure if 32bit and 44100Hz is a must, but it must be wav and mono You can use a Audio program like Audacity to convert your sound files (if necessary) Then you put the wav files in your new NSmale folder. Now you open the Lovers with PK esp ( not the esm ) Best you do it with TES4Edit, but you can also use the CS. In my pictures above I used TES4Edit . There you open "sound" and click the NPCHumanGaspMaleStrong And then you change the sound file path ( For TES4Edit see the right window in the first pictures ) there is fx\npc\human\gasp\male\ And you change it to fx\Lovers\NSmale Save ( you close TES4Edit to save the esp ) Done. You have the new moan sounds in game. ---------------------------------------- If you have any problems tell us/me
  15. ??? I never used MO / MO2 ( And I never used this Mod. I don't like the manga look of MBP ) But I don't think MO2 can use OMods. Think you have to unpack it. I always unpack all files (OMods, zip, rar) , sort out what I want, delete what I don't want/need, put it in the right folders ( if it is wrong or there are different versions in subfolders ) Then I create a OMod with OBMM. But you can pack it as 7z, zip or rar and then use it with OBMM, WryeBash or MO2. Or you install it manually/copy it in the game folder. --------------- Don't know if there is an OMod unpacker Mod/tool. But you can install OBMM. Then you put the "mbp-allin1-omod" in the Bethesda Softworks/Oblivion/obmm/mods folder. Then start the OBMM and in the big right window you will see the "mbp-allin1-omod" You right click it and click "Extract to folder" (or "Extract to ..." ) then you select a free folder and click OK A small window will pop up and ask if you want the confic file. You do not need the OMod configuration file. You click NO Now wait until the OMod is unpacked. Now you can uninstall the OBMM if you want. In the folder you have the whole Mod ( esm, esp, meshes, textures,... ) Now you can pack the files as 7z, zip or rar and use it MO2. Or you install it manually.
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