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  1. Hi, what mod did you use to become a slave in Nuka-World in the 3.0 screenshots?
  2. i walked around that area for like 20 minutes and nothing happened
  3. still can't find where to start it. I found a juvenile deathclaw but it just ran away from me so i killed it. I walked as far south as the relay tower and the plane crash and still nothing
  4. It doesn't seem like the bodyslide works. I use cbbe. I'm really interested in the stumpz stuff so I was sad to figure out the bodyslide doesn't work.
  5. it was the nuka collector creation club, this animation pack is incompatible with it
  6. i actually solved this the other day, the animation pack is incompatible with the nuka collector cc
  7. this animation pack is incompatible with the newest version of AAF. i updated AAF and this animation pack is causing the wizard to not even open.
  8. didn't work. but the error is gone now, thanks!
  9. When I get up to the part where I follow Kira and then get hit by the guy and it says my character is fucking them, they all just stand still and don't do anything. I have all of the requirements and installed it properly.
  10. im having a problem with this mod. i have the latest version of aaf installed and i downloaded this mod and installed it with nmm. but when i loaded my save and tried to open aaf, the loading circle spun but the wizard did not open. i uninstalled the mod and aaf worked fine. the image is all that aaf does.
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