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  1. @AkiKay On the first Page the Author wrote aboute the usage of Loot and if you follow his guide / Example you should not use it to sort the mods. You should follow it . Cause with Ailys Setup Loot will rearrange mods and ESP's and then it might or will not work (CTD / BUGS etc.) Liitle Edit for AiKay after a look at your ModLIst. Careful about the Yuriana Wench with High Poly Head, They cause Problems which will get you an CTD, The Mod Author wrote bout this in the forums. I think he put up a hotfix patch there which forces the headmesh and the Hair to a specific Option. But not
  2. @Blazeofdragon These are Patches witch could or could not be installed prior to this mod (Audio Overhaul - Immersive Sounds Integration). This Section in the guide tells you to move these Patches to this Place (Slot), so that they work correctly. Example: RoM - ISC + MLU ... is a Patch from the Reliquary of Myth - Artifact Overhaul. If you already installed it you need to reinstall it so that the Auto Patcher from the RoM Mod recognizes the new (later installed) Mods. For MO2: Just right click on the mod and pic Re-Install. After the Re-Install you need to l
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