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  1. There is no event being raised for this right now, but it's planned. You can add "AnimObjectB" under [ColliderNodes] and define spheres below. Someone here had posted settings that worked for them I think.
  2. If you have bounce but no collisions, maybe you are using a wrong collision config? You select your body shape when installing the mod with fomod installer. Also make sure the xp32 skeleton is not overwritten by anything else.
  3. You just need to build bodies, armors, clothes with bodyslide studio.
  4. You can use Mod Organizer 2 instead of vortex. I always use MO2 and I think it would be easier for you too, as you want a simple ordered list to see what overwrites what. As it's written in the article, default CBBE body doesn't have the required nodes, so you need to build a physics compatible body like CBBE special with bodyslide studio. Btw if you want thigh jiggle like that gif, I suggest CBBE 3BBB instead of regular CBBE.
  5. Do not install CBP. Read the description page of the mod, also go over the FAQ Article.
  6. Are you running the game with sksevr_loader.exe? Post your sksevr.log from "My Documents\My Games\Skyrim VR\SKSE" folder. I see that you are using CBBE 3BBB. Make sure files from that mod overwrites CBPC config files.
  7. I'm thinking of adding an interface to bhaptics mod with the next update so it can be called from other mods, but it never occurred to me someone would want feedback for breast interactions
  8. Yeah that's a brilliant use of the parameter. To answer your question, ActorDistance is float. It's in game units. Here is a good explanation on how to convert it to real life units: https://www.creationkit.com/index.php?title=Unit
  9. Oh thanks for the translation. I couldn't figure what the "dud" meant. None of the plans are changed btw. I have a lot of mods to make and update and also give support to, and it takes all my time (I literally have no time left besides eating and sleeping). All of the mods are always on the corner of my mind, being processed. When I get a new idea I implement it immediately, that's why stuff get pushed regularly. But everything will be released.
  10. That's a good idea. I'll add that in the next version.
  11. Yeah I added that to the list when I saw your weapon physics gif. Rotation is definitely needed.
  12. Wow. I'm glad to see the utilization of cbpc for this even at this stage.
  13. Did you test it on player? MalePhysics works by checking if the actor is male. But that GetSex function may not work the correctly for Player. Or even some npcs. Unfortunately there is no alternative. But I didn't know there was a Floppy SOS CBPC version.
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