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  1. Thank you very much for the reply. Much obliged. So I will look into altering the whip itself, however I think I might've found a right combination of decal codes to keep the marks lasting long. I put the fDecalLifetime actually in the [Display] section of "skyrim.ini" and added several other decal codes to "skyrimprefs.ini". All in all I think it might've worked, but if something happens, I'll look into that. Thanks. As for the second, I KNOW it shouldn't be the level requirements. My character is a level 16. Arousal I suppose could be the problem, however my character's arousal r
  2. Ohh, okay, so I assume Vernor's in Mias Lair. Thanks! Will do.
  3. Hello, so how do I obtain/initiate the Dark Possession quest? Do I just have to go along with the main quest first, or what? How does it work?
  4. So it wasn't exactly clear to me in the description. Can I play the Dark Possession questline and if so, how do I get to it/initiate it?
  5. Ah, okay. No worries then. And the other first two questions? Anyone? Really would like to see a fix please.
  6. So the whip markings, after creating "fDecalLifetime" inside the skyrim.ini under the [decals] section has not changed the markings to last longer. Is there something else I am missing? I set like so: "fDecalLifetime=3000.0000" Isn't that correct? Or is there something else I need to add to keep the markings on longer? Second question: How do I trigger any of the quests? I've been playing for hours now with all three quest chances set at 100 and all the requirements to trigger set at the lowest possible. I've even gotten the "Rubber Doll Collar" a couple times but the quest d
  7. So I went to use ale for a recipe and I was SURE I got some. I come to find however, that after dismissing Leon awhile back, that my food remains to be disappearing. The popup doesn't show up, but whether I steal, take, or spawn in food, it just refuses to appear in my inventory. Is there a simple fix for this? Using iNeed... kinda makes it difficult if I cannot collect food. Second question, the chains on the shackles and nipple clamps, etc, are not functioning. I've run FNIS properly multiple times, no consistency issues there, as well as bodyslide. What's the problem there?
  8. Quick question on compatible mods for this SSE version of Sex Slaves. Is this compatible with: the three DD mods, Deviously Helpless, Deviously Cursed Loot, Devious Captures, Defeat, Fill her up, and FunnyBizness anim pack? Thanks!
  9. Hmm, so how would I come about doing something like that? I have kept up with DD, and there is a version for SSE out there, as well as for SKSE, SkyUI, PapyrusUtli, Sexlab Framework, SLAL, Sexlab Aroused, and ZAZ v8 (cause I think you meant ZAZ right?). Second question: are there any plans for yourself or others such as Pfiffy to make an official/unofficial conversion? Thanks for your help!
  10. They are. I am using both, and several other DD expansions. Always looking for more though... lmao...
  11. Drat, I was afraid of that. Is there any news of a SSE conversion? Is that happening or nah?
  12. So is this mod strictly for Oldrim? Or is there a version available for SSE?
  13. Forgive me if this question has been asked a lot (I'm sure it has), but is there a way to play this mod with SSE? That the only version I have, and I would absolutely adore to use this mod! Looks like a fantastic addition to Devious Devices.
  14. Thanks! That was the problem. It was the level cap/minimum. (side note question: I stumbled upon a cursed loot closet that had a "Rubber Doll Collar" that describes that I cannot wear clothing while having it on. Is this the item needed to start the Rubber Doll Quest? Or is it something different? ) What about the markings? Any help there? I would REALLY like those whip marks to stay on my character.
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