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  1. Ok cool thanks that is all I wanted to know. I kinda wanted to try and play a game with lesbocracy and dark world fantasy's futa features to get a more somewhat interesting game. And like create a female/futa dom kingdom/empire. But I was hesitant to try cause I thought it would crash the game.
  2. Sorry for the dumb question but can someone tell me if this mod is compatible with dark world fantasy or and futa mods that might work with it?
  3. I think.....update verison or whatever one was the second last one. The standalone one I think it was....
  4. Ok well I kinda have a completely new and different problem now and that problem is that I first started deleting the mod and redownloaded it and now every time that I check mark off to mod list and start the game it no longer works for some reason. Like I have the mod enabled but when you start the game it wouldn't work at all, in ruler designer there is no dark elf culture nor the religion, in the game rules tab there is now no game rules related to the mod "House of Irae" so it kinda like deeply confused. Please help..
  5. Yeah I know I'm using all the DLCs but everytime I try what you tried I get the "noreligion" as my religion it's weird, I think I might just delete the mod and reinstall it and see if that makes a difference. I will let you know again soon.
  6. Sorry but I'm having some trouble with the mod, every time I create a character and choose in the game rules menu to set the game rule to start as a dark elf option, then begin the game as a dark elf but every time that I do my character always receives the dark elf trait, retinues, portraits and so on but not the religion, the religion is always says "nonreligion", so I'm like confused do I need another mod to make it work or am I doing something wrong?
  7. How does one found the lesbian bloodline? What is needed requirements in order to find such bloodline?
  8. Ok thanks for the help, I think I might not have deleted the old versions of the mod and maybe thats is why it keeps crashing. Or I might just download it from steam to save me from the trouble lol!!! XP
  9. Ok I will delete the old version files for the old mod of Lesbocracy and I think I will take your advice and just download it from steam to save me the trouble of this crazy mess lol!!! XP
  10. Sorry this is probably a stupid ass question but can someone tell me why there is a file called "patches" in there when you click download.
  11. The current version of CK2 I'm using is v3.1.0 (KKAD). With the lastest Lesbocracy mod v3.1.0+. Running with one other mod called "unlocked ruler designer". No it crashes with "unlocked ruler designer" enabled.
  12. Well I was creating a female character with depressed, stressed, lustful, attractive and homosexual traits with intrigue education. The character I created has a capital in christian Santiago with the catholic religion, feudal government type. I started a shattered world to start with first then it crashed with that in mind thinking that starting it on a shattered world caused it to crash I decided to recreate the same character in the same place in a normal game mode this time but unfortunately it crashed still. I did it the game with one other mod and that was "ruler designer unlocked" mod t
  13. I'm having problems with the mod, when I create my character in ruler design option and when I'm finished I pressed the start button to begin the game it just crashes. Help please!!
  14. Oh yeah I see that sorry for repeating the comment didn't see you mention it until now lol!
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