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  1. is there a patch for Bijin skin textures? or a way to do it myself at least?
  2. Hi, im having a problem, specifically with nemesis (basically when i install any version of ZAZ for SE, all characters are stuck in idle, they move but still in idle pose), i already red all this thread, but it seems the solution everyone found was reverting back to FINS, wich i'm not going to do, if someone has a solution i would be glad to hear it, thanks.
  3. Hi, i encountered for the first time this strange issue, basically, when i go in the MCM to change some NPC's schlong, even meanwhile i am pointing at that NPC, the NPC modifier part in the player/NPC section of the MCM it is stuck on a mudcrab, and now nor pgup or pgdown works.
  4. Hi, first of all, really nice work, i was searching a conversion of this for a long time. Unfortunately, dont know why, the main piece is missing vagana textures, i've cheked in outfitstudio and the path of the texturesfiles are ok, but they are picking v2 named dds files, i've tried to correct it by putting in the right name of the textures but i'm not sure it's a clever move, because the textures turn from missing to skin colored matte, i even tried to copy the 3bbb vagana textures, paste them renamed how the osp file was naming them, but they all look skin colored matte, with no depht.
  5. sorry if i bother once more, but i would like to be sure how the presets works, because i cheked the morphs.ini and templates.ini files but i cant wrap my head around how the system works, if the named preset in the morphs.ini (for example Bigboned) takes the values in the templates.ini only from the text line that starts with that name. Is it a problem if i ask you to breafly explain how it works?
  6. yep, they come out strange shpaes indeed, i will try to tweak them to fit my preset. anyway a really nice mod you made here, and thanks for the explanation.
  7. just to be clear with it (i read the description but i want to be absolutley sure), this mod doesn't work at all unless i rebuild all of bodies, armors and clothing with the zeroed sliders preset in bodyslide, wich means if i keep my own bodyslide preset, it wont work?
  8. Hi everyone, i have an issue with hdt/smp physics for clothes and i tried everything to fix it but i cant, i cheked the hdtskinnedmesh.log and here wath it says : "hello world hdtSkinnedMeshPhysics [Sat Nov 23 23:08:57 2019]INFO: Queue OK [Sat Nov 23 23:08:57 2019]INFO: SKSEPlugin_Load [23/11/2019 23:10:02]ERROR: meshes\Coco_Cloths\Witchiness\skirt.xml(12,0): xml parse error - not a float value [23/11/2019 23:10:02]ERROR: Meshes\Harry2135\FantasySeries7\SMPxml\FS7_Skirt_SMP_CBBE.xml(58,0): xml parse error - not a float value [23/11/2019 23:10:15]ERROR: meshes\Coco_C
  9. what race mods did you used in your screenies??
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