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  1. oh i see! sry, had it in my head that u needed the captured dreams textures for cursed loot..maybe i was thinking of an old version lol. thanks
  2. sorry for the stupid question lol, but do u have to have all of captured dreams installed to make the textures work or only part 2?
  3. oh! i didnt see that one earlier when i was searching lol. thank u
  4. after giving the 1000 gold to kili she mentions that she's put the coin in the nightshade bush.. can anyone tell me where this is? there isnt a nightshade bush in the inn and the ones in solitude dont trigger anything either
  5. oh never mind lol, managed to cheese it with one of the debug commands in the mcm
  6. i cant get the bar 2 fill up when zoe has u paralysed =_= have had 2 sit here while she monologues at me 4 times now lol. is there anyway to get around this?
  7. i'm having an issue with the broken warrior quest : ( whenever i try to complete the 'go back to laura.' queststep laura just says 'you found her.' on repeat and the conversation doesnt advance.. everything else has worked fine so far so im not sure whats happened here lol
  8. fixed it the quest id is tir_twr_parade01 if anyone is interested.. it wasnt showing up with my showquesttargets command for some reason but it showed when i loaded to an older save
  9. i'm trying to complete the rubber parade quest, but whenever i go and talk to the mistress to get the gear removed it triggers a permanent black screen anyone know the quest id so i can skip or a command to trigger the sight back on?
  10. hi! this is kinda a dumb question so apologies in advance, but whenever i go to use one of the hidden package thingies, or try to get a follower to use one, i get a "not right now" message.. i assume i've disabled something in the mcm im not meant to but i cant find it for the life of me
  11. not sure if this is the right place to ask but! http://blog.livedoor.jp/oblivion_susume/archives/51802777.html i cant find any websites still hosting this outfit anyone have any ideas, or have a copy?
  12. sorry if this has already been asked, but what version of the game does this run on? i haven't messed around with stellaris forever and idk what version to update to
  13. no they seem to work with the rest of rjw features just fine, well, as far as ive noticed.. the IUD is a good idea. i should probably do that before i have anymore spontaneously evaporating lol
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