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  1. I just checked in and see an active discussion about DD's sex filter. Is the sex filter I worked on two years ago being added to DD? Or have you gone a different direction? Just wondering if any input from me would be helpful. That sex filter was my last bit of unfinished work. If I remember, we were waiting on a sexlab update to do anything. Has there been any new developments? If everything is under control, I will fade away again.
  2. About blocking lockpicking: Remember the mouth. Even with boots and an armbinder, if the mouth is ungaged, it should still be possible lockpick. Actually, it is probably easier to lockpick with your mouth than with your feet in a lot of situations.
  3. Just checking in, once in a blue moon. How is the next version of DDi coming along? What type of new content is planned?
  4. Funny. Making the slider go to zero is the first thing I do in every new version of DDi... Sometimes you just want to see what is going on clearly (what is the point all these beautiful bindings and animations if you can't see them well?). Sorry, sorry, sorry... I am really ignorant, that is why I was asking (the last time I even checked my messages was nearly two months ago(world cup + traveling)). I was just wondering if anyone had a vague idea when the next version of sexlab was coming out (2 months, 4 months, 6 months, a year? two years?). If no one k
  5. I know that. I am not demanding anything. On that note, I have an apology to make. As I was working on the flexible armbinder, I said some things that must have come off as increadibly arrogant and insensitive, based on a misunderstanding on how things now work. It had to with my experienced with developing bound combat. I never spent any time asking the DDi team to include bound combat in the framework. I just created the mod then came back 4-5 months later and found the DDi team busy intergrating bound combat into the framework (and helped them out at that point). Fr
  6. So I have been reading and see that WW3 started and then was narrowly averted. Seems it was an eventful August. My plan is still the same: wait for the new version of sexlab and help intergrate the new sex system. Then I will look at things and see where they stand. ----------------------------- I just wanted to mention two issues that kill my desire to mod. Not trying to start a fight. Just read Kimy's "Seriously, next time just TALK to me, ok?" comment, which is probably why I decided to write this. Again, not deciding anything right now a
  7. Hey, I was just checking in and saw all these post about DDi's sex filter. I know the next version of sexlab isn't out yet, but anything I can do to help? (Also, any news about an ETA on the new version of sexlab?)
  8. Ok, I will try to help. ----------------- Edit: Ok, I just watched your video from your message. Everything seems to be working (except animation loading). Here are some steps to try: 1) Make sure other plugings are loading correctly. Try to open "poseLib" (hotkey should be ALT-F) 2) Which version of Maya do you have (32-bit or 64-bit)? 3) Try importing a skeleton. Start a new scene and import the skeleton below: (make sure to change setting to "geomatry only" instead of "animation only" in import options) XORIG__skeleton.nif
  9. Escape configurations aren't loading because they were intentionally removed by DDi's new team. Instead there should a difficulty slider which effects all the removed settings. If I remember right, the easiest setting is "75%" easier than default and the hardest is "75%" harder than default (Not sure what the default settings are). Key breaking and lock jamming cannot be completely disabled. It also seems that some items use different difficulty levels, aside from the difficulty slider. (ie: Some gags prevent talking without a pen and paper (I think it was ballgags, but not sur
  10. Yeah, you're right about that so I removed it. She left precisely because of the new escape system. It is dishonest to suggest anything else. --------------- Well, I also don't feel like arguing about this, or anything else for that matter. Goodbye and good luck.
  11. I am sorry, but this is wrong. Not everyone who is unhappy about the difficulty slider ends up complaining about it. Some of them just leave for good. One example being myself. The only reason I am still around is to publish the new sex system I spent a month working on (waiting for Ashal to publish new version of sexlab): Once that is done, I too am dropping out. (unless full player/modder control for default items is somehow restored) It is a funny feeling to have something you helped create become unplayable to you, isn't
  12. Unfortunately the built in skeleton doesn't have controls for fingers/toes. However, that doesn't mean you can't animate them. Use the Maya HumanIK to create the animation you want, then "bake" (the "b" hotkey) the animation. Turn off the HumanIK, and then add the animations you want to the fingers. It depends what skeleton was used to make the animation. For all venilla animations, you can just use the vanilla skelleton to convert them. However, for modder created animations, you need to use the right mod skeleton. Here are the two skeletons that should wor
  13. Make sure the NIFs below are being replaced by the versions in this mod. meshes\devious\devices\armbinder01_0.nif (regular armbinder) meshes\devious\devices\armbinder01_1.nif (regular armbinder) Meshes\devious\expansion\ArmbEbonite_0.nif (ebonite armbinder) Meshes\devious\expansion\ArmbEbonite_1.nif (ebonite armbinder)
  14. No, this is not. Armbinder should move with arms if the NIF files are being properly replaced (CBBE might cause some clipping, but not this). Make sure the NIFs below are being replaced by the versions in this mod. meshes\devious\devices\armbinder01_0.nif (regular armbinder) meshes\devious\devices\armbinder01_1.nif (regular armbinder) Meshes\devious\expansion\ArmbEbonite_0.nif (ebonite armbinder) Meshes\devious\expansion\ArmbEbonite_1.nif (ebonite armbinder)
  15. There are four differant idle animations: flx0_mt_idle.hkx (default idle) flx0_h2h_idle.kf (unarmed combat idle) <<< This is the one you replaced flx0_sneakh2h_idle.kf (default sneak idle) flx0_sneakmtidle.kf (unarmed combat idle) You probably want to replace them all. (also, you don't need to rerun FNIS for this) Maybe, there are four NIFs that make the armbinder flexible: meshes\devious\devices\armbinder01_0.nif (regular armbinder) meshes\devious\devices\armbinder01_1.nif (regular armbinder) Meshe
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