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  1. How do I add/remove actors from being selected when random npc sex kicks in?
  2. Thats what I thought at first but Ive looked everywhere inside and the only magazine I could find was the robot one
  3. Ive been looking for the Safe school in a safe place magazine but I cant find it, I might be absolutely retarded or it might have fallen through the ground (the farm one did that) so I wanna make sure by asking here
  4. Aight everything seemed to work except now after finishing a sex animation this gets spammed
  5. Wait what? Saya should Indarellos patch be used or not as in the guide it says to scrap it
  6. Updated some mods and now this is stopping AAF from working, any fix?
  7. Ive activated random NPC sex but nothing happening in Sanctuary Hills? Im a bit early in the game and havent activated any beacons yet but the only times Ive seen it work is when around raiders or Diamond City I also populated SH with slaves who also do nothing
  8. So I use neither then? Just INVB? And while were at it Im guessing babyaddons is included with it too?
  9. Im a little confused, the file here is 1.5 but on Wasteland Dairy its 1.4 which do I use if I want the latest one?
  10. Whats the difference when going male instead of female? Is it getting mpregged or just being around when female npcs get pregnant?
  11. What is the difference between all in one, breeding, null and vanilla? And also curious about quests as I havent seen any of that kind yet and also some mention of horror?
  12. After killing the mirelurker queen Preston tells me about Somerville needing help near the glowing sea but the quest never starts, anything I can do about it?
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