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    Victoria, Australia
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    Gaming, Writing, Playing Tennis, Theorycrafting existing universes, Projecting ideas for games I adore and more!
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    I did a few small time mods for Left 4 Dead 2, nothing major (audio replacements).
    I am mostly a consumer of mods rather than a maker but if it's in my capabilities or if I love the game enough, I'll do it.

    I love creating stories around existing universes that suck me into them like Star Wars or WoW. When I say creating stories, I don’t mean fan fiction. I mean “What if” scenarios. Like “What if Mace Windu
    survived?” “What if the Lich King beat back Azeroth’s greatest, raised them and fought the Legion and/or the Old Gods?” “What if the Lich King was enslaved by an Old God and the Old Gods learn Necromancy?”
    Big fan of first person shooters (especially ones from 2005 and further back) and only one RTS: WC3.
    A fan of MMOs like WoW and SWTOR.
    I dabble in Warframe when I’m not leveling on WoW or SWTOR.
    Absolutely huge fan of the DMC series, except the Ninja Theory version.
    A decent fan of fighting games (that don’t have shady practices, lookin’ at you, Mortal Kombat X), like Tekken 2, 3 and 7. Other fighters I like include Soul Calibur 3 and Mortal Kombat 9.

    I do have a bit of an edge. I like Shadow the Hedgehog and a lot of anti-heroes and villains. What can I say? Sometimes the good way isn’t going to cover it.

    I have bright red hair (not ginger orange “red”, I mean the actual definition of red), love pale women with bright red or jet black long hair, tats and confidence!
    I also have a thing for army chicks with a shaved head with hair slightly growing back.
    What can I say? I know what I like.

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  1. A simple forum game I think this community would be good at. Used to do it with clan mates when I played Red Faction. Just change one word out of the two words in the previous post. So if Bob says "Solar System", I can say "Solar Panel". Someone else could say "Control Panel". Simple enough? I'll start. "Car Key".
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