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    Gaming, Writing, Playing Tennis, Theorycrafting, Projecting Ideas.
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    I did a few small time mods for Left 4 Dead 2, nothing major (audio replacements).
    I am mostly a consumer of mods rather than a maker but if it's in my capabilities or if I love the game enough, I'll do it.

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  1. Granted! You now live in the south of France... below ground... where you cannot breathe, I wish stupid people didn't get praised with fame and fortune, and smart, reasonable people got recognition.
  2. Granted but the world is suddenly noticeably loud enough for the dogs to wake up anyway! I wish I knew the answers to age old questions and could prove its truth in my answers!
  3. I hate that we haven't colonized Mars yet. So many video games and stories innovate and tell us a whole lot we could do and the adventures humanity could have but we still aren't there yet. WTF?! Oh and why hasn't humanity united under one banner yet? We need to go to space but we keep having these stupid, pointless wars over religion and ideals when we could all go out in the Universe and probably have our own planet each. Knock it off, politicians and zealotous religious nutjobs!
  4. Granted (the last time I go dark xD), but he never wakes up. I wish I could be in the video games themselves.
  5. Granted! You now only hurt when you're awake and trying to fall asleep and will never get used to the pain. (Comes with free insomnia!) I wish I knew what to do with my life.
  6. Granted! Unfortunately the world has been submerged. Now we have nothing else! I wish I had a bigger room.
  7. Granted, it kills you and you reincarnate as the same person but without the money under a different name. OOPS! I wish I had a slave.
  8. Granted! You can recite them very well in your head and explain them over and over but no one else can hear it! I wish mosquitoes didn't exist.
  9. Granted, unfortunately, people constantly speak in their own heads to themselves so there's constant noise you can't block out. Enjoy! I wish I had courage.
  10. Granted, there are only butchers now! I wish I had the power to change my appearance at will!
  11. Granted, you are now appreciated by an alien on Mars... which has now died due to attachment issues... Oops! I wish we could colonize the Solar System already!
  12. Granted, you are now King of the Polar Bears! Wait... how did that happen? I wish for a lifetime supply of chocolate!
  13. Granted, but half your posts were changed to advertising for lady's underwear and were subsequently deleted. Oops! I wish I would never get sick from staying up late.
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