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  1. It is a dialogue expansion with the aim being to make the world of Skyrim harsher for female player characters. It also allows you to give your character a "personality" built from a selection of traits and she'll talk to you or describe things that are happening based upon these traits as if they are a person. It really only adds flavour to Skyrim although there are a few events that can happen based upon the situation your character finds themselves in but mainly it reacts to what is happening to or around your character.
  2. Quick Update Added an MCM option to help control the frequency of the NPC dialogue from this mod. It works on a random percentage that is checked every so often by Skyrim's internal dialogue timer. It's not a perfect solution, but it the only one really available without using 1,000s of script fragments. It is set at 5% initially which should reduce the frequency by quite a bit. Some of the dialogue already used a check that was between 10% and 20% so play around with the value until you get something you're happy with.
  3. Been a while since I looked at this mod...may have to dust off the creation kit again...
  4. OOoooh....a sexlab guard search animation. That's definitely going in! Been a while since I checked out the Sexlab API but I can't remember seeing an option to not strip actors. I'll check any way. I will also have an update ready shortly which will include the start of the spouses trait system. It will be loosely based on the current trait system but if there are any other traits you might like to see in a spouse then let me know
  5. I'll have a look into that. If they are changing vanilla animals then I can soft dependency it by allowing you to choose the type of animals that spawn in traps. I will have an update ready shortly...
  6. It's difficult to see how best I can solve this as I am at the mercy of AI pathing. There is code in there that should prevent the trap layer getting stuck too often as it should warp them forward to their next waypoint. Is it any specific dungeon? I'll see what I can do Well, I really need to spend some time doing more cursed armour and getting them distributed around Skyrim...I think the main thing will be sorting out some kind of options in the MCM to let people define spawned mob strength/types....of course there's also the events system which hasn't really been used much yet...too much stuff!
  7. Let me know how you get on oooh...yes, this is one area that hasn't been covered at all. I can see me adding all the traits to build your own spouse personality...then I suppose it would only be logical to let you define follower personalities too...
  8. There is actually a whole dialogue section built into Skyrim that handles knocking over things! I'm not sure there is any weighting based on value or how fragile an object may be so I think everything counts the same whether it is a priceless vase or just a bundle or sack cloth! Glad your enjoying the mod I shall be spending some time tweaking some comments etc. Your suggestions are excellent and I shall be using some of them I have looked into getting your character to use your real name, but there is no way to replace text in dialogues . There are some dialogues which already use "Master/Mistress" depending on your choice in the MCM. The only time you can replace text is in letters/books. Oooh, it's been a while since I looked at this mod....I'll have to refresh my memory of which book you are talking about....but probably, yes! I'm not familiar with the Enderal mod but it should be as this mod only adds extra dialogue to various situations.
  9. Unfortunately the trap layer is beholden to the AI of Skyrim...this means they get stuck - often! However, just because you don't see the trap layer complete message doesn't mean the traps aren't set. It just means they haven't reached then end of their route. This can often be because they get stuck or blocked by something. When this happens they are teleported to another position and this can happen a number of times till the trap layer has visited all waypoints on their route, but you don't need to wait for them to finish. Part of the mod is it is extremely random and having the trap layer not lay traps everywhere is part of that randomness! Some dungeons will be heavily trapped, some not so much.
  10. That's good to know Oooh...I'll have a look into that. Looks like it might work as a soft dependency too. I'll double check the settings on the knock over comments...I pretty sure only the ones that cause an event will need a 24hr reset, but I'll check.
  11. Nearly there then I'm guessing there must be something different with the way SkyUI works or something. I will have a go at making an official SkyrimSE version shortly. And just a quick thank you to my 2 new Patreon patrons....your contribution will help me make these mods even better
  12. I will be doing some more work on this mod shortly....just been out of the VR loop for a bit But now I have VIVE Pro which actually makes a lot of difference to my ability to spend prolonged time in VR. It seems a lot less tiring on the eyes...probably because the finer detail at medium distance is now there and your eye aren't trying to refocus the blur!
  13. Well, just got the PRO and it seems to run really well on Serious Sam VR Last Hope. The bump up in resolution is really noticeable especially with very distant objects now being visible and text looks much much clearer. The comfort of the head strap is so much better, far better than even the deluxe audio strap. Feels like they may have shaved off a few grams of weight and the integrated headphones seem much better too.
  14. Well, I've pulled the trigger on the VIVE Pro What I meant by no upgrade route is the fact that the new headset doesn't come with the wands or tracking stations so I'll need to keep them. This means I only have the old VIVE headset to sell. Whoever buys that needs to buy 2 x wands at £119.99 each and 2 x tracking stations at £119.99 each with a total price of £479.96. Seeing as you can a whole new bundle for £499.99 it means my headset is now worth no more than about £20 and, in reality, who is going to buy a 2nd hand headset when they can get a new one for only £20 more with a full warranty etc? This means there is no way of selling anything to finance part of the upgrade. If HTC had left the price at £599.99 then at least the headset might get £50 on ebay.
  15. Nice job I may have to include that as a proper option when I get round to updating this mode shortly
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