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  1. Здрасти а перевод есть на этот мод!!!

  2. No way! Some has voiced my mod? That must be some serious work they've put in. It's funny when you've been away for a while and come back to see people still talking about stuff you made ages ago!
  3. Is there an ETA on the SE version Sexist Dialogue? 

  4. That's good news. This will be a whole new version for SE which I think won't be compatible with LE as the mod files are different? Not sure if that's true or not. Oooh....that's a nice bit of info I've finally managed to get an SE version up and running with at least the basics RaceMenu doesn't work with the new SKSE it appears - that took some trouble shooting. On the plus side the physics went in without a hitch. Now it's just getting SexLab and all the other devices mods required to work. I seem to remember getting to this point before with SE and giving up....wish me luck! ***UPDATE*** Ha! Got everything working That was a lot easier than I thought it was going to be.
  5. I'm actually surprised it doesn't work straight away as it only really deals with dialogue - there's nothing fancy going on. Any way, I shall start from scratch again as I think I can do a better job with the dialogue. I'll still be able to pull lines from the old mod as I still have all the original files which is nice
  6. Hi all, been a while This is one mod that I do want to come back to and update for Skyrim SE - I'm just re-installing Skyrim SE at the moment (again! ha ha) - as it was super fun doing all the dialogue and events, especially the player dialogue. Nice to see people still using my mods - so I think it is time to do a new Skyrim SE version!
  7. Ooooh...nice idea. I think there are quite a few lines of dialogue for followers where they re-act to what the player character is wearing but they only really trigger if you are just standing around doing nothing. I'm sure there is probably a better way of doing it. I like the idea of casual conversations....a bit like how Diablo 3 characters chat to each other as your playing without you actually doing anything? I think that could work quite well. I suppose I could also give you the choice of what type of personality a follower has e.g. dominant or submissive Do you mean when they see SL scenes in action or when they are part of the SL scene? There is already dialogue for participants of SL scenes that do react to what type of SL scene they are in.
  8. Well, I've taken a quick look at the old mod files....there sure is a lot of dialogue there! I'm not really sure what I could do to improve the mod other than add more stuff for characters to say. Ideally I'd love to do a fully voiced version and I've had a look at what could be achieved by splicing together existing voice audio files. It is quite time consuming to do and the results aren't always great.
  9. NNM for the win.....so much easier to use! I now have a functioning Skyrim again!
  10. I did think about voicing the mod but the shear amount of lines would mean the mod would be huge. Plus getting voices to match the existing voices with out breaking immersion too much meant that I decided to just leave it as text. However, if people want it to be voiced and are OK with voices not sounding like the original cast then it could happen! On other good news I'm currently installing Skyrim again. I tried to get everything setup before but me and Vortex really do not get on....then I found you could still download NMM so I'm giving that a whirl now
  11. Guess I'll have to stick with LE for the moment then. I'll look into seeing how hard it is to convert LE to SE....I'm guessing for this mod it's not too hard seeing as it is mostly dialogue. Plus I've got all the original LE files so should be able to pick up and carry on from where I left off. Are there any major bugs anyone has encountered....I noticed someone saying the sex comments don't terminate correctly.
  12. Thanks for all the positive comments. It would seem that I've lost my LE installation - is that what everyone is calling it now rather than oldrim? I've been away for far too long lol Seems I need to choose between LE & SE for my own version - does HDT physics work with both now or is it just LE? I know the creation kit for SE had some rather useful additions for dialogue management which would be nice to use.
  13. Wow....I didn't realise people were still using this mod! It's been a while (a long time!) since I logged into LL. Guess I'm going to have to start working on this again Are most people using SE now?
  14. It is a dialogue expansion with the aim being to make the world of Skyrim harsher for female player characters. It also allows you to give your character a "personality" built from a selection of traits and she'll talk to you or describe things that are happening based upon these traits as if they are a person. It really only adds flavour to Skyrim although there are a few events that can happen based upon the situation your character finds themselves in but mainly it reacts to what is happening to or around your character.
  15. Quick Update Added an MCM option to help control the frequency of the NPC dialogue from this mod. It works on a random percentage that is checked every so often by Skyrim's internal dialogue timer. It's not a perfect solution, but it the only one really available without using 1,000s of script fragments. It is set at 5% initially which should reduce the frequency by quite a bit. Some of the dialogue already used a check that was between 10% and 20% so play around with the value until you get something you're happy with.
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