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  1. That makes sense. Understood, thank you.
  2. There seems to be a problem regarding being defeated on places like apex space stations, hylotl space pagodas, or bandit spaceships. Space zones like that. For some reason you just do not enter the defeated stun state and immediately die, despite the NPCs properly reciting the "haha I got you" lines. This isn't a general bug that's preventing me from entering a defeat state at all and isn't specifically a problem with the NPCs that spawn there, because: I tested being defeated on a planet, and the defeat state worked as intended I spawned in an NPC that wouldn't normall
  3. Ah, you know what, it probably is the disposition part that might be stopping female NPCs from stalking me. It's a very obvious fix on top of the lewdness stat, so I'm pretty sure that'll make things work. Thank you, I appreciate the explanation even though it was something as simple as this. Futanari assaults should work fine as well.
  4. Hi, apologies for the old thread necromancy (as seems to be the usual with Oblivion modding) but I need some help debugging. I've been running in to an issue with Joburg, and I'm not sure quite how to go about fixing it. Essentially, if I use the NPC settings spell to set a female npc as my female pc's stalker, I get a message saying that character is prohibited from sex. They'll still be in my active stalkers list, but they won't be stalking me. I'm also not actually sure if female NPCs are stalking me naturally either, despite having the libido turned up and idling naked. If I "release inhib
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