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  1. this my first mod project...it uses assets from multiple modders.i made some simple tweaks. bulkened up the armor, made some simple color changes, stuff like these. god bless dragbody, without his fo4 port i couldnt get the pauldrons. can really use some help, especially with the textures. so why did i do this? i love dragbody's work, i'm just not a big fan of fo4's futuristic looking power armors. this is a bulkier version of the standard t51b along with completely new pauldrons (directly copied from fo4 port). what i really want is to make super clean looking textures for the whole armor, same pattern, no need for details, but look at the pauldrons and the helmet. they are very clean looking. i want to replicate this for the rest of the armor. please contact me if you are willing to help.
  2. whoaa thanks a lot good sir! i truely appreciate you taking time to grant me my request. i tested the animation with my weapons and encountered these problems: -the weapon keeps firing but in a burst mode, taking pauses between attacks -my m2 browning (from classic fallout weapons mod, which uses 2hhattack.loop animation) started spinning when fired
  3. ohh crap i forgot that i want it because i noticed even with the flamer animation it doesnt natural as i hoped. but now that you mentioned the grenade launcher animation...is there a way to prevent that forward and backward movement?
  4. many thanks for the answers guys. this may sound laughable but i cant find how to edit animations in blender, as i said i'm quite the newbie. mesh editing is fine but i cant see the animation "parts". correct me if i'm wrong, first we import skeleton.nif along with animation marked as selected, then we attach kf as the keyframe file? hitman said he did it with nifskope. i checked it with nifskope too, for some reason i'm getting something like "error loading: ##minigunbarrel". i can really use some guidance
  5. first of all thank you very much for your answer. before i go to sleep i'll make sure to check the minigun mesh but as i said i'm quite the newbie. what i want to do is improve the default minigun animation, so that my character doesnt bend backwards (it looks awkward as hell), when i change to animation to attackloop in geck, the character fires minigun like a gatling laser (without the bending backwards thing), but the barrel animation will no longer play. so hitman fixed this on my request and made it to work with flamer animation, therefore when i choose attackspin2 in geck the barrel keeps rotating. i want to replicate this for attackloop.kf as well. the file i added contains his modified animation
  6. greetings fellow users! thanks to hitman (<3) i got a modified 2hhattackspin.2kf (flame thrower animation) that included the minigun barrel rotation. so basically if i set minigun attack animations to attackspin2 in geck, the barrel will keep rotating! yey now i want to do the same for 2hhattackloop.kf (gatling laser animation), i made some progress with blender this week so i thought i could give it a shot but i felt absolutely lost and nothing i tried worked. direct quote from my message to hitman: "but hey i wanted to try it myself but turns out i tried to bite more than i could chew. i compared the default and edited 2hhattackspin2.kf files and turns out it has one extra "NiTransformInterpolator". i tried copy pasting it to 2hhattackloop but i was unable to paste in the main branch" so probably this is the part that includes the data. i dont wanna pressure the guy any further, wanted to do it myself but animations are my bane and even trying with 2 programs (nifskope and blender) i got nothing. in case you wanna have a look at it i'm putting his modified animation: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ob_X-RAvR-tjHnmYF-BEhaA167xS0Hlf/view according to him this is the animation responsible for the barrel rotation: (##MinigunBarrel) me and my buddy were trying to get this done for 3 days but we keep failing. can anyone please help, many thanks in advance
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