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  1. Bugs encountered so far marked with a - the * are ideas/tips -After completing the 'Supply and Demand' quest while working down the 'Bound in Skyrim' quests the dialogue for the new Inn that the Dollmaker should say bugged out (hangs and after a while the dialogue just stops). So I had to start the quest myself. -Yoke not removed after the 'Escape Room' game -To much lights in the new Inn causes black floor tiles. If to many light radius collide or to many in a single cell you get black spots. Perhaps removing some light sources, there is also a max of shadow casting lights in 1 cell *Many DD NPC's in 1 cell. For performance sake perhaps moving the "sexing" NPC's and "vendors" to a separate cell to also help in preventing CTD's caused by script load on slower rigs. *The ultra tight straitjacket has a very hard to reach lock but also a key break chance. Might be a bit to much to have both. -On the prison quest doing the same job twice results in the objective not getting displayed. This can be fixed by forcing the display like this MyQuest.SetObjectiveDisplayed(15, abForce = true) -When the guard has finished with you in the pillory he just stands there, one time he was to close and got damage by the furniture refreshing (just Skyrim things?). Perhaps letting him walk back to his regular spot after the scene can remedy this *Had the idea of a random chance when at the end of the day when you enter your cell the guard decide a belt and some plugs are required. Just because they can
  2. Good to see the mod is not dead. Has quite some extra potential for expansion Will keep an eye on both then
  3. Liking the adaptations so far. If the raider pet permissions are green lit I have some ideas -Replace the DD collar with a locked RealHandcuffs explosive one (I can DM you the code for equipping, setting PIN and lockout if you want, DD combability esp for RH is kind of required). The PIN could be added on a "onDeath" event of the boss or something. -Add more DD items while in captivity. The boss locks you in a belt to keep you for himself or some chains to hinder an escape. Or just a suit, because who doesn't like a shiny girl Other idea's like device comments require the ESP to be changed as well, not sure if you want to go that route.
  4. You should check your AAF_Violate for errors or reinstall it completely, this note is not from RealHandcuffs. If you get collared by Violate you can check the value of the global "AFV_Global_ShockCollarCode" to see if that's filled. That contains the PIN. The function GiveRHShockCollarNote within the script FPV_OnHit adds the note to the NPC that has collared you.
  5. Small bug: The API version "check" function in the ThirdPartyApi.psc script source is not updated to 11.
  6. The 'walking home' part is something that needs to be revised, I'm not very fond if it myself. I'm about 50/50 with just letting the player return or teleporting if you near the whiterun exit. The smithing job was setup as a punishment job in mind. So it's designed to a bit tedious. I believe the check is already in place if your skill is to low. Results based on your skill is already implemented. But I like the idea of the call button. I will look into adding more things to make but I'm not sure that will make it less tedious. Perhaps it would be better to create a less restricting version of the job and keep this as a punishment? Or let the PC choose what approach they want Elvira to take? The current one is based on chance the one you've written out is more based on how long you want to craft with a bit of risk involved. Thanks for the ideas anyway
  7. Correct, it's build on a weird body and I'm not skilled enough to create a bodyslide set for it. So it's unused at the moment.
  8. @Kimy the modification I did to the panel gag also/still allows the plug to be removed (inflatable plug is added as a sperate mesh). As far as I can see now it's not removable. Perhaps you can look into that?
  9. If it would be able to be "fixed" I'm sure she would put some effort in into implement it. With all the bodyslide work people have done over the years it's one of the last "major clipping" points of DD as far as I know. But perhaps we should await her response if there is still 'room in the queue' before you sink more effort into it.
  10. Cool, thanks for the effort. "seamless" switching/swapping an active ArmorAddon is not possible as far as I know so even if one would put the effort in creating the mesh it would be a bit messy to implement, correct?
  11. Does this also fix the clipping when wearing a belt over the suit in CBBE? Happens mostly around the crotch plate. The bra of course clips massively but besides creating some custom bra+suit mesh that can't be solved with some sliders I guess? (one can only hope )
  12. The mod author is MIA and no permission == no resource usage. So sadly no. There are some new devices in there, but mostly script optimizations Link is on the post above this one.
  13. Yeah sometimes the packages with the pathing collide. Just Skyrim things. You can try to load a save before the scene. Or teleport Elvira to your position with the moveto command. Halted at the moment, until DD5 is released I'll do a bugfix and DD5 update patch.
  14. Something like a rusty piece of metal between the collar and the 'legs' of the grenade could work. I've honestly got no clue. I can find my way round 2D in a breeze (Photoshop/Premiere etc) but 3D is mostly mumbo jumbo for me. I tried a few tutorials but good "no experience at all" tutorials are unavailable. I'm getting the hang of Fusion360 for my 3D printer but that's something different completely to software 3D modeling. Especially the part of model software -> game You can combine parts in OutfitStudio, so you could try to mod the NIF and import it there. The movement and rotation controls in OS are horrible but it's quite easy to use. Different material files in 1 NIF is no problem but it's 1 material file per "part" of course.
  15. Sure thing, I did add the plasma cartridge as a why not thing. It's quite big already but does blend in a bit. Perhaps removing the coil thing and moving it a bit more on the collar would make it look a bit more 'real'?
  16. Then perhaps the "remote settings" thing could still exist. As the way you describe it as a remote detonator it's not that useful indeed. But things like changing the collar code (purely for "realism" sake) or settings the torture mode on a companion without opening the inventory would be neat. I did separate the box from the collar in Outfitstudio to split the parts so to create a 3-part device partslist to create the collar ingame for my mod. But I'm not skilled with 3D things. Also the scale is a bit of an issue, the core is about as large as the PC's entire head. And even rotating it so it fits between the shoulder and ears would be a challenge. A plasma cartridge could be attached to the collar I think. There is small box on the opposite of the collar that has no icon on it. Perhaps it could replace that? That should be doable in Outfitstudio. The fusion cell is a bit more easy in size bit I couldn't find a decent ingame thing that holds one that can me added to the collar NIF.
  17. Kimy, did you find the time to check the modified gag nif's I posted a few pages back? If it needs some things adjusted let me know so they perhaps are in time for DD5's release
  18. Just an idea that came to mind when reading this. How about adding a "antenna" mod (ingame mod that is) that allows you to register and then connect to these collars remotely? So you can activate companion collars or do stuff like remote detonate if that's not already possible if you boobytrap a corpse that is.
  19. Not currently, I'm waiting for DD5 to be released then I'll update the mod with some bugfixes and changes relating to DD5. Some people mentioned it works on SE without much problems out of the box.
  20. Microsoft ain't EA. I think they are smart enough to see how much the paid modding thing flopped. But as with all things we all rant about, if people still buy the games they will continue that line. Vote with your wallet is the most effective way to counter these things.
  21. The issue most of the time is that the user is not active here anymore also if a mod gets abandoned. And modifying someone elses mod without permission for pure combability sake (e.g. DD Libs calls in scripts) is still a gray zone.
  22. I wonder what Microsoft does with the modding thing. It has been one of Betheda's pro's over the years and I'm sure it helps in keeping it alive after so many years. Skyrim is ported to about everything besides your E-Bike screen over the years and in doing so sold a lot. So I hope this will be enough encouragement to keep the modding open and accessible. Engine based Fallout 4 is a lot better (as far as Beth and better engine go together ) but it's a shame certain elements hurt moddding. Especially the dialogue system, nice for the base game but for a mod it's quite difficult to work with. Also the outfits are terrible, FO5 needs way more armor slots if they want to keep the 'over armor' thing alive. We can only hope and see what the future holds, but for me 50% of a Bethesda experience is the awesome modding scene.
  23. See attached files I've set the shock one as default (replaces the default texture file so keep an eye on this) and renamed the original and included the required Materials file. If you need help setting up the texture replacement for the explosive mod, let me know. And I also upped the resolution to 2k from 0.5K as the vanilla textures are horrible. Photoshop source file is added with a link to the used PNG (free to use of course) Shock mod.7z
  24. I presumed it was something like that indeed. It would be a nice addition to the advanced firmware indeed. I also made a personal retexture for the collar replacing the explosive warning with a shock sign. I you want I can provide the DDS. We could even go as far as adding a texture replacement and tying it to the explosive mod. If that's installed the vanilla warning is loaded/shown.
  25. You can apply both spells and perks silent. With perks (AddPerk) it's silent by default. For spells you sneed to specify it like AddSpell(Spellname, false) Or you can of course use part of the main script to achieve the same with a timer, inputlayer and PlayIdle commands. Spell might be better I think. Just for 'lore' sake and I'm not really a fan of the "Raider terminal" thing personally. Perhaps in the regular firmware it could be renamed to something like 'Punishment Mode' with a small piece of text warning of the function before enabling it. Talking about warnings, if you unlock the regular firmware collar it warns you that this is unadvised, the upgraded firmware does not show a warning at all. Didn't look into this but it just came to mind. Jup, as per Dwemer RobCo magic the gag I custom scripted for a WIP mod surrounding the collar has a special stimpack injector beside the built-in Chem injector
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