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  1. I was in trouble because there was no marie type mod. Thank you so much for making it!
  2. お聞きしたいのですが、どのようにしてこの画像のように他キャラの水着を着せていますか? 手順が記載されている場所や検索ワードなどを教えていただけるだけでも助かります。 I'd like to ask, how do you wear a swimsuit of another character like this image? It would be helpful if you could just tell us where the procedure is written and the search word.
  3. Please tell someone. How to introduce minazuki's MOD does not work. I don't know the swapsuitid of SSR swimwear. Which numbers should be written to the INI file? The swimsuit (Cowgirl) with the swapsuitid listed worked properly. Thank you
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