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  1. So I switched from Moonlight Tales to Growl, and now all the sudden I can't use features from defeat as a werewolf (I prefer defeat over "Sexlab Werewolves" beause I have better control over animations with defeat). Is there a mod or a way in the ck for me to fix this?
  2. Alright, so I figured out how to fix the issue with the defeat patch (I think?). I got it from this topic. Just go to page 2, and it lays out how to start defeat if it's not working properly.
  3. I checked it on wyre bash, and I get an error saying there's a mismatched bsa file, but I don't know if that's causing it. I have RDO and FCO, but I didn't think they'd cause issues. I was keeping a bunch of my mods off to focus on testing other ones, but with all of them on suddenly I can't recruit my followers at all. I'm not exactly good at checking xEdit, but I didn't see any conflicts at first glance.
  4. That is quite literally what I'm doing, and it breaks AFT when I do it, which is why I'm trying to find an alternative.
  5. So the title says it all. I'm playing with immersive AFT, and I made a custom mage/healer follower for my travels. But when I bring them with me, they always pull out a random "invisible" (it doesn't show up in their inventory) hunting bow with arrows even though I made them as a mage. I tried removing the bow and arrows from the follower dialogue quest, but that broke things and I can't get anybody to follow me, which is apparently a bug from AFT. Is there any way for me to remove the bow and arrows?
  6. I do start with vanilla, and I'm not ashamed about it. As for the texture issue, some of the gates I found in other cells with them also end up being incorporeal, in that while they appear to be normal, I can go through them like they were ghostly prison cell doors. I still haven't figured out what's going on yet.
  7. So, if the title isn't indicative, I'm missing certain gates from my game. When I say that, I mean things like prison gates/doors don't show up at all, or if they do they're completely unusable. Examples include the gate in helgen keep that needs a key to be opened, and practically every gate in the abandoned prison. This bug causes issues with the unbound quest if I grab the key instead of Ralof/Hadvar, as the quest will not continue until I unlock the gate, except there is no gate to unlock and therefore the quest can't continue. My load order for context. and I'll attach a picture as well.
  8. I basically saved after doing the "fix:, and there hasn't been an issue so far. The only other problem I'm having is the "npcs/merchants not moving and opening their shops" glitch, but I singled enhanced dragon aspect out as the cause of that...for some reason.
  9. Sorry, this should be the right one. 2020-06-08_19.10.28.dmp
  10. I found it, made a new one for today. I'll leave it up for others to check. So, I tried replacing and updating everything like you said. Still no dice. crash_2020_06_08_13-07-44.txt
  11. So, I just started a modded playthrough with skyrim after not playing it for quite some time, and I added a few new mods and replaced some others to be up to date with any new hot mods and the like. My strategy is to wait until I'm out of Helgen or at Riverwood before saving to activate all my plugins. This means that I have a clean save I can go back to when I encounter a problem early on (so far, a bug with merchants not moving/opening their shops, which I basically fixed by singling out the mod through only loading one at a time). Now I have a new issue, and it's a crash to desktop constantly after trying to load from any save, clean or otherwise. I haven't been able to single the mod out yet, so I've been wondering if I can get help here. I've checked all of the mods I have installed, and they shouldn't be conflicting with each other, but I want to be sure. My load order and I'll leave a papyrus log, since I don't know how to properly go over them and it might help add more context. Papyrus.0.log
  12. So I have a brand new game started, and I installed this. But when I go into the mcm to start it, it doesn't start. I click on the option to enable it and then I exit, but nothing happens. Is there something I'm missing?
  13. Probably should have tried this first, feel like a fool for not doing so. Hindsight is 20/20. It worked, found the mod that was causing conflicts, thanks for the help. Thanks for the advice, and the... cooking philosophy I suppose.
  14. Tried it with alternate start, no dice. Also, there is no other version of moonlight tales SE for Skyrim, that is the only version. The situation with my current save is that I've just finished the intro, and I'm activating my mods after getting to riverwood, and now I'm sure it is in fact a mod issue.
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