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  1. Just wanna know if there's a mod that adds stripper poles that support possible AAF animations or something like that. Thanks in advance!
  2. I've taken a look at it and I appreciate the help, but still it doesn't provide an answer to my question completely. I notice that this guide (which I have miraculously gotten to work before a while ago) includes many patches. Anyways, the guide you provided does include many download links for the animations, but it doesn't give the patches that seem to be important that are provided in this one. If I have any misconceptions about how in-depth this guide really is, please tell me as it doesn't provide nearly as much specific information on the installation process as this one does. Nonetheless, I appreciate the help and I apologize if I come off as ungrateful.
  3. Is there any chance that there is a more clearly outlined tutorial out there on FPE and AAF, and getting all this stuff to work? I mean this tutorial is a great base for installing and setting everything up, but some topics covered are somewhat unclear and many of the links are broken and don't work properly. Thanks
  4. Thanks so much! I guess that's what was wrong, I didn't build them with the body morphs I just installed the CBBE option at reinstallation.
  5. I looked at this guide I found (link is here) and installed FPE with Atomic Lust. I got someone pregnant, and 4 FPE months in she doesn't look it. Any suggestions on how to fix or do I just need to wait longer to see notable differences? And are there any mods I need for this process to occur? Thanks
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