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  1. Hi, guys. I recently replaced unarmed attack animations by some kick-only ones, which means it won't be strange to fight with character's arms bind. Is there a way to enable battle when wearing a ZAZ cuff/armbinder?
  2. Well, I have tried removing all items before trigger an event but it does not work. Also, I found nothing useful in my Papyrus log files too. I tried to adjust my mod load list but it still happens sometimes. Now at this time I have no idea why😵.
  3. I have suffered serveral times CTD when got arrested and the jail sends my items to the chest. Does anyone know any possible reasons of that?
  4. Well. Since I have tried setstage command and it is useless, I guess it will be hard to process the main quest. Thanks for answering.
  5. Thanks for your answering. But I don't see a dialog to say 'I am ready' or something similar to that.
  6. I meet a problem after finish the horse quest, I talk to Thaena and she tells me to go to Jorrvaskr, but I find nothing there and the quest does not start in Debug page. Does anyone know why or could provide a SetStage command? Much thanks.
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