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  1. You know, I was thinking it would be cool, that, if you get killed in the game, instead of having to reload your last savegame, you would "respawn" in the pool of the manufacturing machine, as long as your firewall is still intact, it could be that since you have uploaded your data/consciousness to the mainframe, they can just put that into a new body. Or when you reload a save that could happen, but I do not know if you could change the respawn point of a save, it would be quite immersive, but I would label this under "Nice to Have"
  2. odd, try this in console: "startquest RaiderPetDialogueQuest" , it should start the quest without the note anyways.
  3. Don't know about the note, but it should have gotten the quest running anyways if Jun came to speak to you, when you go to the Raiders, you must be certain not to have ANY weapons in your Inventory, no guns, no knives, no grenades etc, if you just disarm but still have the weapons on you, they will still attack.
  4. I like the Fusion Core idea a lot! My two cents: Instead of changing the firmware rate at a level: -Buff: You could make that with consecutive firmware updates, that the Fusion core drains slower. (buff the max Fusion core charge, should be easier than changing all the values that drain. ) Essentially, firmware updates makes things run more efficiently right? So, with more firmware updates you can run more subroutines concurrently. (Get a buff with every update, all the Buffs, stacks) You still have to manage you subroutines - they are privileges to use, BUT, the h
  5. The ghoul thing can happen if the group that captured you is too small, eg random strays , this does not happen when you are caught in places where there are designated bosses like Jared in Corvega etc etc I think the mod does not find said boss and assigns the title to some random npc and that random npc is not necesarily closeby, there is no way to block it as far as I know, so try to only be caught by big gangs šŸ˜‚
  6. Good to have you back! It's like you read my mind with the stimpack thing, It was the main thing that bothered me in A.S.I.A. too , for that matter sleeping could be revamped as well (if you wanted to) into suspension mode (no more sleeping in beds just suspension chairs) but then you would have to add them chairs into build mode... so maybe if you got bored sometime šŸ˜
  7. Speaking of BaC, it would be quite interesting if, in Animal Mansion, you could mutate like in BaC, say like a curse or something, that say you spend a lot of time with horses, you become a ponygirl, or you spend a lot of time with the tiger , you become like Mrissi the catgirl, and so on, obviously you will need someone to create the meshes for some of those(the catgirl already exists, and I actually think I saw some version of a ponygirl somewhere) But there are a lot of talented people out there who could help - I wish I could do stuff like thatšŸ˜­
  8. Here's an idea, I don't know how feasible it would be, link it with Being a cow: where the player, once flagged as changing into a cow receives a message from messenger that she needs to go to the mansion, when she gets there they have a Bull outside in a pen that needs to breed: She can then be enticed/forced to breed, and afterwards, there is the other options inside the mansion...
  9. I have now for the first time tried to turn one of my companions into a cow, and it works! Well, sort off, I'm using Jenassa, and she gets the horns and ears and tail, but no tattoos, and the feet does not turn into hooves, is there something I must add to get that to happen? Secondly, I do not get any dialogue from Paul, I understand that part is only for the player if she changes, but how about adding something, if your companion changes, and maybe some kind of a story, say you go to Paul and he says he knows what is happening, the same as main story, and he goes to Whiterun, the
  10. Just do your bodyslide settings on your original body eg Cbbe body physics, the changes translates through to the Gynoid body
  11. Just an FYI, Raider Pet needs you to have Human infiltration switched OFF, otherwise it will not work.
  12. Sooo, I kinda feel like an idiot, but, I'll be a bigger idiot if I don't ask, : How do you get the Hud to display your firewall? I never used that mod and I can see the firewall in the pipboy, but haven't got a clue where to set this thing to show in my hud. So if anyone can tell me what to click where I would be grateful, Thanks.
  13. Okay, question: The reproduction protocols, I take it it has something to do with the infiltration protocols?, so then how do you initiate the reproduction part? ...or do you use another mod for that?
  14. There is a console inside the theater with a box next to it, you should be able to read that, at the bottom of the screen is an Agree, that you click on, and then it starts.
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