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  1. I'm trying to have kids with Strong but every kid is a human child (random race every time as well). Am I supposed to be able to have super mutant babies? That's what I'm trying to do. Trying to make a Super Mutant colony on Spectacle Island. I remember in a previous version there was an addon for Super Mutant babies and children. Edit: Looked into the past posts and have downloaded the 3.64 version as well as Wasteland Dairy. Will see if it works now. 2nd Edit: It worked. The only thing that seems to happen is that my Super Mutant children are hostile when they age up into children. I have to Toggle ai and combat ai to stop them and then I have to disable&enable them. They become docile until they grow into adults and I have to repeat the same steps. Are the super mutant settlers a part of the super mutant faction? I added myself to the faction early in the game because I'm basically playing as a female Super Mutant. Me being in the Super Mutant faction could be causing the hostility. I will remove myself from the faction and birth a few more and see what happens when they age up. 3rd Edit: Yeah, the faction addition was the problem. Removed myself from the Super Mutant faction, gave birth, and when they aged up they were not hostile. Added myself back into the SM faction afterwards and they remained docile. Must be something about right when they spawn in. Easy to handle now that I know. Just remove myself from the faction and then add myself back in afterwards. And maybe all of my testing will help someone else.
  2. I've been playing with Aliens of the Commonwealth for a long time now and I just thought it'd be pretty awesome to get a nice and sexy Xenomorph armor set to match my Queen Xeno play style. If someone that knows how to make armor mods for Fallout 4 could look into this then that would be awesome. And the armor would look something like this:
  3. Can't wait for more animations. Not really into robots and such so the news about them doesn't really affect me. I would really like to see some radroach animations though.
  4. Spriggans cause my animals to turn against me and the only way I've been able to undo it is by reloading a previous save. Will it fix it if I kill or dismiss my animal and then re-add them to my pack? Will my animal still have all his levels and stats? I guess I could go try it out my self and see, I could always just reload the save if it doesn't work.
  5. Ah, I see. I will try out your suggestions but I have a feeling that you're probably right about it being a CaN problem. Thanks for the information.
  6. I've been attempting to add the pony race to the AAF race data xmls with limited success. AAF recognizes my character and I can choose animations and poses but when I play them my character is not there. During animations it's just the npc animating alone. I suspect it has something to do with the Ponies having their own skeleton in the CaN esm. The AAF wiki shows that I need to source skeletons for custom races. I've attempted to source the skeleton as well but I really don't know what I'm doing. The wiki page doesn't give an example of what it's supposed to look like. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  7. Alright so I have it so that AAF recognizes my character with everything but I'm still invisible during animations and with pose mods. I think it has to do with the CaN Ponies having a different skeleton than regular humans. I don't know how to set it to use the pony skeleton for me though. More research required. Edit: Wait, I'm dumb. I see now that I have to define the source. More experimentation.
  8. Ok thanks, but you told me to find an INI file not a xml file. Not my fault you gave me incorrect information. But beyond that, thank you for the assistance. I'll look into making the proper edits and see if I can get it to work.
  9. Alright, so I searched for an hour and I can only find the AAF settings Ini file. I find xml files mostly.
  10. I'm not sure exactly how to do that but I'll experiment and see what I can figure out. Thanks!
  11. I use the my little pony heads from CaN. AAF works perfectly except for one issue and that is that my player is either invisible during animations or is moved out of the world space (not sure which, my character is completely gone though). Always ends up with the Npc just animating alone and when the animation ends my character returns. If there is some fix I can do to get them to work together then I'd appreciate the information. Thanks.
  12. I can't even find the fusion girl version. Would I even be able to convert it to CBBE. Now that HHS exists I refuse to use any armors with heels unless it uses HHS and I really like a lot of the high heel armors that exist. Would like to use them but they all look weird now that I know they're wrong.
  13. Is anyone making a HHS version of the Vault-Tech Slave Suit? If not, how could I do it myself?
  14. OH, this is unexpected. Thank you for taking the time to do this. I'll check it out!
  15. Ah, I see. That makes sense. What I had in mind was just moving it down and making it smaller but if not then that's fine. It serves it's purpose just fine the way it is.
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