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  1. Not yet. Sorry about that. The Apple of Discord is only one item that can do it. But the player has to have it and eat it. Will have to add other item that can apply the status effect.
  2. For player's, you have to change gender to be futanari. 1) Eat the apple of discord from Aphrodite's Retreat (At the end of the Dungeon). 2) Force is on for the player by adding the player's UUID in to the sxb_futarnari.config file
  3. @UnforeseenLove This issue has been fixed in v4.0.3-Beta
  4. Please check if Sexbound v4.0.1-Beta fixes the issue for you
  5. If you listed all species in appliesToSpecies, then it will apply 100% of the time
  6. @ScionWish Changed the female NPCs to have a 10% chance to spawn as futanari. This change will be in an upcoming version of Sexbound. I'm not sure how there's a problem with the futanari sub gender being removed from your character. I'll have to test and try to reproduce the problem as you describe beforeI can attempt to fix it.
  7. Sexbux are needed for crafting recipes. They'll be in a later version.
  8. @Saber_Braveheart Yes, that's a bit extreme. The pregnancy test item does need to be updated to work with the new timing mechanism too.
  9. Is the Futanari plugin enabled in the sexbound.config file?
  10. A way to create dialog for npc types could be added with a sexbound status such as "is_npctype_cultist". Will plan to add this ability to create dialog for NPCs based on their type.
  11. I might need to upgrade it to work with the new timing mechanism of pregnancy. Will check!
  12. You must edit the sxb_plugin.pregant.config file, and you have to change the 'useOSTimeForPregnancies' to be equal false.
  13. Nope, I'd have to contact CPU to help me relink a download page to the support page. It's not the first time I've seen this problem happen. I just didn't want to bother CPU, nor do I have the up-to-date version of that mods to post.
  14. Because you showed me the download is not accessible, and I want everything to be well organized to reduce confusion. If the download is no longer accessible, then the thread shouldn't be too. Threads with broken downloads should be deleted and replaced on this website otherwise it's confusing for everyone.
  15. No need to specify load requirements in this file. The load requirements won't be used if none are set.
  16. Yep, that's the old version of that mod. I've got the source, but it would need to be changed to work with legacy.
  17. That's not normal. What other mods are installed?
  18. I don't know why I am laughing so much at this: under-the-sheets realm 😂 It's a funny way to describe what happens to them
  19. The sexbound.config file needs to have the futanari plugin enabled too?
  20. Use 'sxb_plugin.futanari.config'. The other one is loaded still for backwards compatibility with other mods patching them. You have to configure at least one of the appliesTo* options too
  21. Use 'sxb_plugin.futanari.config'. The other one is loaded still for backwards compatibility with other mods patching them. You have to configure at least one of the appliesTo* options too
  22. Seems like the baby is not being saved into your storage successfully. I don't know how that's possible yet. None of my tests are failing but this is going to be a bug that requires some hard thought from me.
  23. They shouldn't be remaining like this. It's not normal.
  24. Yes, there's a way you can make some of them futanari by applying to NPC name, NPC type, or Unique Id in the sxb_plugin.futanari.config Be sure to set appliesToGender to [ "female" ] (Applies futanari to all females though) Will have to wait a while for a usable object that can be used to transform a target female NPC.
  25. Yes, it's difficult logic for me to figure out because it depends on how players want to adjust the moans. It seems like most players try to adjust the moans in the plugin config file. So, I've updated the plugin for those changes to the moan config to take precedence over moan settings in the .species files and default moan settings.
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