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  1. Excuse me, mate. Is there a way to change specific race body? I'm using this mod with cutebound but whenever you intercourse with some someone (I'm using avian) your body textures change to the normal "feathery" avian. Is there a way to replace this with cutebounds body?

  2. No extra step. You can verify you installed Sexbound successfully by typing the command /sexbound in game. It should respond with "Sexbound exists!"
  3. Then maybe the constructive suggestion would have been to suggest the mod dev should give the book earlier so the cards can be collected into the book.
  4. Cool, just be sure to quickly replace the art assets with your original assets or any you've been granted permission to use. Should be good!
  5. I'd recommend hosting your game on itch that way you can get better support should you choose.
  6. The contributing guidelines have laid out to not modify the core scripts or configuration (just like SexLab for Skyrim). On the main download page, I have message for the incompatible mod authors to PM me and I will help them fix their mods.
  7. Cool! An inspirational one for would be modders!
  8. There's a list of incompatible mods, and some of the mods in the list contain many Sexbound core files. From now on, I'm examining mods to have these core files and it will automatically get them placed on the incompatible list. SexLab for Skyrim has the same rule that the core scripts cannot be edited, but I'm more lenient so long as modders are overriding individual functions and not the whole script files. The exposed API is the safe interface to access the core engine features of Sexbound.
  9. I see Sexbound v3 loaded according to the log. Be sure that is updated, and doesn't have another instance of Sexbound in the Mods folder. All of those "patch" files are suspect to be broken. Should check they work and do what's expected one at a time after upgrading Sexbound.
  10. Well, everything should be fixed between Sexbound and Lustbound in the latest version of Sexbound. There were a few things that were breaking the interactions, but those should be resolved.
  11. Latest version Sexbound addresses this issue.
  12. You had a bug about missing ActorXGroinwear1 transformation group showing up in your Starbound.log file. Please try the latest version of Sexbound which includes the hot fix for that bug.
  13. Yeah, they're right. I missed one spot where the transformation group was named wrong in the animation file. Keep in mind adding this support for applying groin apparel items required 40+ changes in the animation file which is up to 10,000+ lines of configuration now. It has since been fixed in the latest version, and the user has been credited for reporting this bug as well. Fun Fact: I don't directly edit one *.animation file. The real source of Sexbound has hundreds of smaller JSON files with each responsible for its own parts and/or positions, and I use automation to merge all JSON files into an *.animation file.
  14. With the GFY mod. It is supposed to enable self-impregnation.
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