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  1. You're awesome, thank you. I recompiled the script and it now seems to be working for myself and my Lupine companion
  2. It's a fairly new race mod, but I wanted to ask about having the Lupine race added in for a compatible companion race since Vulpine is already in.
  3. Kind of an odd question, but I figured I would ask here since I'm not sure what could be causing it. The HDT tail likes to stop animating and gets "stuck" in a position whenever I unequip armor. Equipping armor does not have this effect. Going into racemenu resets the tail. Only thing I can think of it something funky with load order but I wanted to see if anyone else has experienced this.
  4. Ah thanks, disabling that fixed most of them. Some mismatches still in Whiterun but most of the NPCs I saw had properly colored heads
  5. Been dealing with the grey face issue myself. Not sure if it's because I have the USLEEP patch on from v4 while running v5.4 of the mod. The stuff is at the bottom of my load order but I can upload a picture of the load order if it might be a separate issue.
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