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  1. Ah, yeah, I don't use that. But yes, I do save after exiting racemenu, but I still have the issue. It seems others have the same problem, going by a couple posts on the Racemenu SE Nexus page, but so far no one has come up with a solution. I'm sure there's a conflict with another mod or something, but I don't really have any other body or face modification mods.
  2. There's a menu that pops up? And by "new game save" do you just means a new file in general, or a whole new level 1 character? Because I always make sure to never overwrite and always make a new save because I know that overwritting too much can cause problem in the long run.
  3. I've been using a preset from the R264 racemenu presets pack with slight tweaks. However when I save with the character looking as they are supposed to, and then reload the save, the face is all messed up. I thought it was because I was switching to a Wood Elf race even though the preset was made with a Nord in mind, so I tried again with the race as a Nord instead, but that also didn't help at all. The face even changed when a Sexlab event started playing out. I tried updating to the latest version of Racemenu, but that didn't help either.
  4. I'm always a bit confused and overwhelmed by how to get out of devices. Of course I have the options of struggling out, picking the lock, or cutting it, but other than finding keys or using a console command, I don't know any other methods. I've read other places that Deviously Cursed Loot might have something? But I've been unable to find what that would be referring to (unless it's being hidden from me since my character is currently locked in something) I have the mod that lets followers help you, but I don't currently have a follower, nor a non cheat way to get one. I guess I'm looking for something that lets me ask NPCs for help. I seem to remember some mod let me do that a couple years ago on Skyrim LE.
  5. I know the mod Femboy Reborn exists, however I don't like it's armor restrictions. I can make a slim chested female, but of course there's a pretty important missing component when using a female as a femboy. I also want to be able to use chastity cages. Does anyone have an alternative method I could try out to make one? I know you can add penises to female characters as "futanari", but my problem with that is that you can still see the vagina, and I don't know how to get rid of that. Edit: holy crap, I was drinking the night I posted this, this was meant for the Skyrim forums and not Fallout 4 I'm so sorry
  6. I'm not afraid to admit, I'm an idiot, and have no attention span, but I've been trying multiple different ways to try and make this work. What I want ideally is to have a setup that allows me both to believably play a badass male character that can take care of all the questing, fighting, exploring, and domination type gameplay, while also being able to switch to a weak submissive female character that is "owned" by the male character and is made to do things such as basic fetch questing, prostitution, and tending to the male character when he requires at home and interacts with all the various sex mods I've downloaded from here. Obviously Familiar Faces doesn't have a SSE port, and since I have my Loverslab mods all through using SSE, I can't just switch to LE (easily). I've tried messing around with the Creation Kit and exporting faces and importing them onto a follower so that I would just have two save files, and switch between them depending on my mood, and just using console commands to take care of possible Gold changes between the two saves, but the female character in particular was created using a lot of Racemenu tweaks and custom hair that I can't seem to understand how to put onto a NPC follower. I was able to get a newly created follower into my game, but it looks nothing like what I created. I tried unconventional methods like using Alternate Actors to take control of an NPC I like the voice of and editing their appearance, but when I switch back to my original character the NPC's face just becomes a monstrous blob. I'm asking for advice on other ways to try and approach my goal, or to be pointed in the right direction. Other mods I haven't tried, other methods, perhaps berating me and correcting my misuse and misinformation of various Skyrim modding tools.
  7. Admin didn't help. And I'm not installing it through NMM, it was an installer I just ran after downloading. And i've run it a few times, with and without my Antivirus running.
  8. I use NMM, and this is the first time I've tried using Wrye Bash. Skyrim is installed on an SSD that's seperate from the Windows installation.
  9. Restarting didn't fix it. And I'm positive, looking under the Background Processes section of Task Manager, when I click the exe for Wrye Bash, I see it for a second, and then it disappears and nothing was opened.
  10. It's entirely possible I don't, but I installed 2.7.17 which was at the recommendation of a user on the Nexus page for Wrye. Either I'm not installing it right, or it's not helping, because I still can't get Wrye Bash to open.
  11. I'm experimenting with using the CK to change follower NPCs appearances using a guide, but when it came to changing to hair, the guide says to use Wrye Bash to convert the .esp for the hair mod to an .esm, however after installing Wrye Bash and clicking the launcher, nothing happens. In Task Manager, I see the process start for a second, and then just disappear and nothing else happens. I don't know if there's any other way to convert the esp to esm, if so I'd be grateful to know, but otherwise I just want to know what i'm doing wrong with Wrye Bash.
  12. Has anyone else had any problems getting the mod to work at all? I installed it as the instructions from SomeoneYouDon'tKnowAtAll's post, but nothing is happening in game. Edit: Nevermind...I installed DLL Loader. I just don't recall reading at any point needing that? Not the OPs fault of course, I asked a couple places about this, not just here, I know this is just a patch and not the page for the original mod.
  13. I'm a little bothered by the Brainwashed Impregnators as well. I'm just curious, it wouldn't hurt anything if I disabled the Zeta addon until I'm ready to actually use it? Because that should get rid of the impregnators if i'm understanding correctly.
  14. Got the patch working and still have stuttering once pregnancy is enabled. As soon as I turn off Female Fertility the stuttering is gone.
  15. I do, but now it turns out it's not working. When I run GetIsLaa it always returns 1. I've set every possible exe to admin, but that's made no difference. I'll have to see if I can fix that issue first to see if that's the original problem.
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