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  1. blackraven14

    SexLab Skooma Whore

    It would be cool if you a random chance of getting double/triple the addiction. So maybe 20% of the time, you get 30 points instead of 10.
  2. One thing that would be cool is if there were an option to always equip a set instead of random pieces. I'm not talking about the current option where you can pick a set, but a random set, rather than random pieces from any set. It seems like the kind of person that would make one of these traps would use, for example, all Aradia gear, or all bronze, not a random jumble of pieces, you know?
  3. blackraven14


    Just a small room with a bunch of chests, and a smaller hidden side room. Loaded with and after all of my other mods, so maybe some unstated dependencies? Why is this in the SL downloads?
  4. On the new version, I get "Your opponent doesn't accept your surrender" 100% of the time doing it manually, and if I get brought low (using auto surrender), I go into bleedout and get stuck there indefinitely.
  5. blackraven14

    Devious Devices (Assets)

    That's what happens when the armbinder is equipped but the animation doesn't play correctly. Have you tried jumping to see if you get into the animation after you land?
  6. When you get your stuff stolen and you have the sell option activated, is it supposed to be sold instantly? It seems like it should be sold after a time period, like 3-4 minutes or so, so that you can just fight them to get it back, but if you escape and just leave it'll be at a vendor. Also, I have some stuff I need to find, where do they sell your stuff, the nearest city?
  7. Are you using level based progression? If yes, you won't get any devices equipped until you hit level 6. It increases every 5 levels. If you are level 35+ you have a chance to get all devices equipped at the same time. But I repeat a chance. Just to be clear, turning *off* the "Progressive" option in MCM *enables* the progression system described in the first post?
  8. I'm having an issue with the latest version (1.62) where I'm not getting devices after/while being bound.
  9. I'm having a pretty big issue with a total inability to get animations via SL. Here's what's coming up when I turn on debug and trigger one via the animation editor; the same thing shows up for other triggers. Thread[0] - Thread[0]: Entering Making State NOTICE: ValidateActor(Char) -- TRUE -- Cache MISS Thread[0] - FATAL: AddActor(Char) -- Failed to add actor -- They were unable to fill an actor alias Thread[0] - FATAL: AddActor() - Cannot add an actor to a locked thread Thread[0] - FATAL: StartThread() - Cannot start thread while not in a Making state EDIT: Well, turns out there was a stray sslActorAlias.pex in my Overwrite. I have no idea how it got there, but removing that fixed it.
  10. blackraven14

    [Unofficial] Bodyslide 2/Outfit Studio Tutorials

    Alright, my first issue was caused by I don't know what. There's 2 versions of the item in the game, and one set of .nif files, but apparently the one I was using doesn't use those .nifs. I have no idea where it's pulling the second set from, but at least I have one working - good enough for now, since I can always figure that out at some point. I'm running into another problem now, massive clipping. The armor looks like it's completely disconnected from the body, and doesn't move with everything else.
  11. blackraven14

    [Unofficial] Bodyslide 2/Outfit Studio Tutorials

    My problem is that titties don't bounce on a single armor which has BodySlide support, but not BBP or HDT support, as packaged by the mod author. I've laid out, in detail, a bunch of things I've tried to modify them myself to add BBP/HDT, and things I've noticed about the output files from BodySlide for both this specific outfit and the others that work correctly. Edit2 from above is what I suspect the problem to be after spending far too much time bouncing tits on this outfit - there are no breast, butt or belly nodes on this outfit in specific locations as seen in NifSkope, but on working outfits, those nodes are present. Mod Organizer and OS don't play well together. Specifically, installing the way listed on the Nexus BodySlide 2 page doesn't work with copying weights after selecting them as described in your guide, it just crashes. There's other issues too, like BodySlide 2 itself not recognizing the virtual directory structure MO creates if you run it using those instructions.
  12. blackraven14

    [Unofficial] Bodyslide 2/Outfit Studio Tutorials

    Ahh, my bad. Well in order for HDT to work you need at least BBP weights on the outfit, TBBP recommended. The guides here show you already on how to add the weights already. Unless by HDT for clothes, you mean ACTUAL cloth physics, in which case, nope this thread is still the wrong thread for that Alright, I'm one step closer then - I didn't realize that BBP/TBBP weights needed to be added to the body. I think I only have one more question to be able to finish these up (and share). This outfit comes with 2 different sets of files. DS_X.nif, and DSBody_X.nif. In the same step where you have instructions for adding BBP/TBBP weighting, you also have steps to replace the body. The DSBody_X.nif look like body files, so I'm guessing those won't be necessary after the conversion is complete if I also use those steps? DSBody_X.nif has its own folders in ShapeData and SliderSets, and is bundled with DS in the SliderGroups XML. In Outfit Studio, it is not listed as having a body, although I would guess there's references to it somewhere (or it was just redundantly included in the first place). Edit: Did all 4 in OS, didn't get HDT working. Also noticed in your FAQ that you mention crashes with bones/weights - this is also an issue with Mod Organizer. You can get around it by opening up BodySlide outside of MO when you want to use OS. Edit2: Opened up some other working outfits in NifSkope. The ones that work have NiNodes under NiTriShape/BSDismemberSkinInstance for breast/butt/belly, but only after being processed through BodySlide, while the two I've worked on do not. Could that be the problem?
  13. blackraven14

    [Unofficial] Bodyslide 2/Outfit Studio Tutorials

    Wrong thread: http://www.loverslab.com/topic/28507-how-to-install-hdt-step-1-click-this-an-overly-descriptive-tutorial/ if still having problems feel free to post up there or in my WIP tutorial HDT thread: http://www.loverslab.com/topic/28435-unofficial-hdt-physics-extension-tutorials-under-construction/ Maybe I wasn't clear, but HDT works overall for me, it's just on this specific outfit that includes BodySlide support but does not include HDT support. That's why I thought it's more appropriate to post on here, than on either of the "installing HDT" threads. This isn't a problem with HDT, it's a problem with a specific outfit generated with BodySlide.
  14. blackraven14

    [Unofficial] Bodyslide 2/Outfit Studio Tutorials

    On the subject of HDT, I'm pretty confused. I'm trying to build it into an outfit that came with BodySlide support but hasn't had a conversion yet, and added the node to the .nif file (tried it 3 times on a fresh copy of the file), then reran them through BodySlide with the HDT presets you provided in another thread, but HDT doesn't actually work (body is completely static). Is there something else that needs to be done to get it working?
  15. blackraven14

    SOS - Schlongs of Skyrim

    Schlongs look like they're fixed, but it seems to cause another pair of issues. The first only showed up on the first animation that ran. I spawned a few bandits in a studio, and when the first scene started for SL Submit, they were all rotating around the char then snapping back into place (or maybe is was the char rotating while the bandits were stationary, the place is just pure black so I couldn't really tell which) - super disorienting. The second is that the camera seems to be aligned differently relative to the animations than before, off to the side from the animation location fairly substantially.