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  1. What it says on the tin. I want to use WickedWhims (not WonderfulWhims) for certain functionality, like the incest, body selector, and sweat features. I don't want sex and naturism stuff (except for some Sims where I want them to go topless); I can disable sex autonomy and disable nudity completely, and I have the Censorship module, but I can't figure out how to get rid of the "Have Sex" interactions that show up when clicking on Sims or on sex-enabled objects. So yeah. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. The issue with that (number 3) is that I use a lot (like a LOT) of custom clothes, and it would be impossible to fix them all. Unless you mean a way to fix the legs themselves...
  3. One step closer to my dream of having penis-vagina collision in TS4... Seriously though, nice job so far. I won't be trying this out for now since I don't have the patience for testing, but I am VERY interested in this project. It would be nice if the physics froze (or at least were disabled) when you paused the game; everything else freezing while the boobs keep jiggling is kind of uncanny. Good luck and keep up the good work!
  4. So, three things: 1. The dragon penis appears to be missing. Like, I go to equip it via the WW body selector, and it's invisible. 2. Do you think you could add a male digitigrade/plantigrade bottom with a vagina for trans/GNC sims? 3. Some clothes, like many skirts, have issues with the legs that are similar to when you don't use the body selector and the sim gets naked. I think this could be solved if you made a non-nude version (perhaps with just a white panty texture so it doesn't clip) of your digitigrade/plantigrade bottoms and added support for the mod Outfit Customization, whic
  5. +1 for the bulge for female sims. I need my (nondysphoric) trans girl sims to show it off.)
  6. I won't place baths myself because 1. a mod for that already exists somewhere, and 2. I'm disabled and I don't have the energy to work on something of that scale when I'm more or less content without it. Sorry to hear about your hard drive failure. Hopefully someone turns up with a copy of the mod.
  7. This is the place for asking about mods you can't find, right? So yeah. I tried the Bathing Mod, but it wasn't doing it for me. Basic Personal Hygeine is much better IMO. It seems like someone converted the normal Inns Have Tubs for use with BPH, but the mod has been removed from the Nexus. Does anyone have a version I can use?
  8. Is there a way to use this or another mod to add tattoos to all (female) NPCs? I found an underwear overlay mod that I'd love to use instead of the mesh underwear for compatibility with multi-part armors and stuff, but it looks awkward when I have only my vanilla underwear on. But if I use a naked body, then NPCs will be naked, and I don't want that. Help?
  9. So is this still in development? If so, do you think it would be possible to make it so you could specify the sex (and race) of the speaker + the other character in the configs for the dialogue? Like, if it was a male raping a female and the male is speaking, it would print "This is one tight pussy!" or something? Dialogue is important to me for both immersion and titillation. I would be willing to provide dialogue, as I'm fairly experienced at writing erotica. (I was planning to write some additional dialogue for myself and perhaps share my config file with permission, but the lack of customi
  10. Is sharing them privately against the rules? If not, PM me with the files, please. Also, does anyone know WHY the author took them down? I'm a nosy bitch, so I'd like to know.
  11. I for one would love to be able to patch my body textures myself, but I have absolutely no blender knowledge. Can we get a tutorial for dummies?
  12. I would also like a female version of this. I have a canine female sim made with the Furry Mod and this would be perfect for her.
  13. Yo, I'm interested in this game, but the public demo link is dead and I can't find a public release on your Patreon. Could you direct me to a public release? I unfortunately don't have the money to spare to support this game. :(
  14. I checked and I'm using the correct version of both. Here's a screenshot:
  15. I recently did a reinstall of all my mods and everything's working perfectly except nothing I installed that should show up in the WW body selector is showing up. I'm specifically using the Pornstar Cock which I know I've had work with WW before. Help?
  16. Okay so, I'm pretty good at reading instructions, but when things are out of order I get confused and basically what I'm asking is: is there a step-by-step guide or install kit (a la Bounce and Jiggles or All-In-One Animated Pussy) for installing HDT-SMP for boob, butt, and belly? I see the links to the Chinese website and I think I found a install guide for just the framework, but of course that itself won't make the parts bounce. Thanks in advance.
  17. 2.8.1 isn't available on the page anymore, I even checked the MEGA link. Is this compatible with 2.8.2?
  18. Thank you for the fast response. As it turns out, Recorder seems to conflict with my horse mods (she adds a custom horse), so I ended up dropping her. Is there some way I could do a custom edit of the NPC plugin to remove the SOS dependancy to use it with the lite version of the mod? I've been modding for almost a year now but I've only used TESVEdit sparingly, so either a simple explanation or direction to a guide would help. Thanks in advance.
  19. Hey, do you think there could be a version of this without the SOS dependancy? Or is there a way I could edit this for personal use to use without SOS? I like my adult mods as much as the next guy, but I try to separate my "gameplay" playthroughs and "naughty" playthroughs to save performance, lower chance of conflicts, have less plugins in load order etc. That being said, I'd love to be able to play with some Selachii NPCs in my main file, or even as a Selachii myself. There's a link to the Sharkmer race in your credits; I might use that instead for my clean playthroughs, but I'd like to have
  20. Hi, I'm a Mod Organizer 2 user, how do I use this with it? I've tried running it normally with the Mod Organizer integration thing checked, but it showed so many orphaned scripts that I was afraid it wasn't detecting MO2's mods (I had rather recently cleaned a save before it with SaveTool before that started crashing whenever I tried pulling up my saves, hence why I switched to this). I also tried running it through MO2, but it would just say "Running virtualized processes" for a moment, then appear to load the program, but then just quit back to MO2 as if the program had crashed. For mor
  21. The links for the normal version are down as well.
  22. Hi, I have an issue... There's no inner vagina texture, it's just a greyish pinkish thing. I looked up other solutions, and apparently there should be a "wall" checkbox when I go to BodySlide to build the Cosio body, but there isn't one. I feel like I once downloaded a small file that added it in, but I had to wipe my computer recently and despite my best efforts, I can't find the thing I downloaded. I am using 4.0 CBBE of this mod and Mod Organizer. Please tell me if I need to provide any other details, thanks!!
  23. Oh, sorry! I'll be sure to follow those guidelines in the future; as you may have guessed, I'm new here, and the sites I've used before had a much different format. Thank you for the pointers, honestly. I tried doing what I said in the main post about creating a new, mostly unmodded file and loading from that, which has been working so far. It only CTDs when I try to start a new game. If I have time, I'll try disabling and re-enabling mods to find out which is the culprit, because I used my other non-Sexlab profile and it worked fine. I have a bad habit of just downloading a bunch
  24. Hi, I've been modding Skyrim for a few days now, and I can never quite get it to work the way I want it to. Most of my problems I've been able to solve by reading other threads or the like, but this one truly has me stumped. The problem is simple in its occurrence: I launch SKSE, I wait for the game to load, I click the "NEW" selection, and I get a near-instant CTD (that means crash to desktop, right?). It doesn't freeze before it shows the loading screen, if that's significant in any way. I think I can load files, but my current enabled mods setup (I use Mod Organizer 2) has had m
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