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    Native of San Francisco, with ancestors that walked here and ancestors that sailed here across both oceans, and ancestors that were shipped here in chains.

    Mostly play MMOs, also exploring Skyrim.

    I remember fantasy when it was things like Richard Corben's Den, Andre Norton's Witch World, Ursula Le Guin's Earthsea, Robert Howard's Conan, and E.R. Burroughs John Carter. Not this upstart D&D stuff with elves in it.

    Yeah I play on a bootcamp'd MacBook Pro. Mac's actually run better in Windows than they do in OSX... and I need a Mac for work, but I plan to buy a PC soon and switch my Macs to the cheaper end...

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  1. This is a really nice set. What outfit is this?
  2. Nothing to do with SKSE. Just noting when something was updated, on a list of things that have been updated - should obviously be very useful. If a mod gets an update on March 26, 2019... saying: Mod X - Updated 3/26/2019 So... Just pulling some off the list: More Informative Console - 12/23/1972 PapyrusUtil SE - 3/03/1954 Passive Weapon Enchantment Recharging - 11/11/1985 Quick Loot RE - 02/02/2021 RaceMenu - 03/11/1911 - Dates... next to each entry... for when they had their last update. Dates above OBVIOUSLY made up... So that we don't have to basically click every mod on the list that isn't on Nexus, everyday we come here, to see if it's been updated.
  3. In the next round of updating the list of what's been updated, would it be possible to put the date of the most recent update? It'd be very useful for comparing against local copies for realizing something you thought you had updated actually has a newer update, or the reverse - something you keep thinking you need to get, you already have. I realize going back and putting dates on everything is a big task, so perhaps just 'going forward' add dates as new things come in?
  4. So as I understand it, the team for this mod is 'waiting at the gate' for PapyrunUtil SE' to be updated? https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/13048?tab=posts - PapyrusUtil SE is being worked on, so hopefully soon. And once they're out, then this mod will be worked it. It's dev(s) are around and such I'm hoping. I think this and defeat (and hopefully not also Random) are the only things holding back updating to the new SkyrimSpamEdition... (It is so infuriating that we have to do this so that they can sell mods that are so sloppily integrated in that they require a core game file change to add...)
  5. What I really need is a mod with anklets that don't look like cuffs. Just jewelry / decorative anklets. - Closest I found is in the minibikini set but it includes a thighband as well in a connected piece - so it's not just an anklet.
  6. The best option is to downgrade your SKSE and SkyrimSE until Sexlab is working: Get: skse64_2_00_12.7z 10-Dec-2018 20:07 734K From: http://skse.silverlock.org/download/archive/ And: From: https://forums.nexusmods.com/index.php?/topic/7476076-new-update-and-skse/ I will add that you should back up the current one before over-writing it, so that when things are ready you can just move the backup back in place rather than have to get it off steam and force a 'file verification' that overwrites any cleaning you might have done to Bethesda's many dirty files... ... Also don't update ANY mods updated after March 13th, until you're ready to update them all.
  7. It's there in bodyslide... but a note: TBD has no genitalia even in the nude form. There is just an indentation, and it does not react to any 'physics' so it will not 'reshape' during sex. If you run any sex animations any closeup view down there is going to look weird... I had TBD but moved back to CBBE a month ago due to both this and outfit support.
  8. No. CBP is a lot less 'collision based' - even the collision version of CBP has a lot less collisions. CBP will have bounce, but you won't see as much 'this moves that' such as those popular animations where a character plays with their own breasts... arms / hands will just go through and clip in those animations. But as a result, the FPS drop of something like CBP is at most 1, if not 0. When I tried using SMP, my fps was -DOWN TO- 1, if not 0... SMP is for people on higher end systems than mine. I'm on a 2011 MacBook Pro formated to run windows 10. So that's nVidia geForce 650M. I imagine if someone had a current machine SMP could runn at 60-100 fps, but that's not me. If you're on a 1080ti and failing with SMP... maybe check and make sure your GPU is configured right - and your system isn't swapping it out for an integrated board or something when it runs Skyrim (Macs are famous for this, but I've not heard of a PC doing it - you load up a fancy 3D app and it runs with the intel CPU integrated chip and ignores your GPU... there's even Mac apps you can get to force it to not do that... I formated my Mac for Windows even before I got Skyrim though, because Windows runs faster on a Mac than Mac OS does... on it's own hardware... O.o ). Anyway... there are some guides out there if you google it to optimize your GPU. The short end of it is that you use the nVidia settings and not the windows settings to tweak things. And I think the same applies for Radeon if the still make those (one of my Macs is a Radeon GPU, but it's also an old machine).
  9. Right after the Courier said he had nothing more for me, I guess he noticed I was a fellow Bosmer and then he very much had something for me.
  10. Piercings for New CBBE SSE with physics 3.0 - Seems to have been pulled from distribution. I can't find it anywhere and I was sure I got it on this site last year. Internet search says it was originally here: https://www.loverslab.com/topic/101318-newmiller-piercings-for-new-cbbe-bodyslide-with-physics/?do=findComment&comment=2465040 - a URL that doesn't exist. It may be contained inside this mod: https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/1588-cbbe-hdt-piercing-sets/ - But that's an oldrim mod. I'll have to convert it and see what I get. Found a thread on this site from 2015 about the maker of the piercings set repeatedly pulling down and then posting back up their mods... https://www.loverslab.com/topic/35614-what-happened-to-newmillers-mods/page/4/ Kinda sucks. I was hoping to eventually put together an update mod of some of these outfits I use - with crafting and enchantments and so on... but I guess that's going to be a private mod for me forever as all these folks have either pulled their stuff, locked perms, or I've since discovered their mod itself was stolen content and removed it from my game.
  11. Ah crap... they're going to break SKSE and ALL our mods again just so they can tell us to buy random junk?
  12. What body and related morphs allow for that level of detail?
  13. Variation on my elf, as a Bosmer archer / dual wield concept.
  14. It seems important to get to know the headmaster and make a good impression... They said noserings were in... but this feels like overkill... All mage party. Finally figured out what Housecarls are for. Just strolling around in Falkreath. (I think I should tone down the Green in my custom follower's hair back there...)
  15. See these two SE mods for CBBE: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/17507 - CBBE https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/18650 - CBBE and UUNP + has custom texture mapping
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