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  1. Even though my Sims get sweaty, the sweat doesn't appear. The Overlay always gets under the skins, are there any default replacements that doesn't conflict with it? I hate MM's default but if I use a skin replacement the overlay never appears even though it should.
  2. You can use the normal WW condoms and they'll work just fine script wise but they won't be visible on the Sim's penis because it's designed for a different model that's why you need to use Simdulgence's Condoms because they're specifically for RealGens and will be visible. No, there is no way to make WW condoms appear on RealGens Penises because they're different things. And yes, if you equip RealGens' Condoms they will be fine script wise, they're just there to give condom visibility so you're not using a condom and it doesn't appear on the penis.
  3. I love it! Any plans for male content? Just asking 'cuz I feel like males don't get enough love uwu.
  4. Would you be interested in making body piercings? Such as dick, etc...? Those would look awesome!
  5. You can in any case have it in your game and completely disable all of it's modules. So you don't see Sims going at it autonomously. Plus, animations are separate so you don't need to download these either. But to each their own
  6. This has been explained and developed above. Disable WW's pubic hair system, the pubic hair isn't compatible if it's doing this. Doesn't the CC version of this mod work to fix that out? Are you using it? It's listed in "Future Contents" in the Download page. Everyone, please make sure to read everything, to read FAQ and to check if your issue has already been solved by a fellow user here on other comments or addressed by Simdulgence themselves. It makes it easier for them ^^.
  7. Your male sims are so hot! Especially the dude in the left, thanks for sharing.
  8. They most likely are and they should read WW's patch notes on how to disable it. There are no problems if you're using one of Simdulgence's offered body hairs because it automatically disables itself in that case.
  9. To anybody having problems with pubic hair just disable pubic hair for your sims so it doesn't apply it automatically. This might be somewhere on WW's Website and it's honestly not that hard, I think you only need to click on a mirror to do that. And to anybody sharing pictures please put them behind a spoiler... There are some things some people don't necessarily want to see/are fond of seeing, please respect that.
  10. I'm puzzled by this, are you sure you've posted this in the wrong place?
  11. Chest hair is already a thing, the only things that are missing are: armpits, arms, legs and maybe ass? But like someone already mentioned above you can use Luumia's V5 (not V5+) because it's compatible OR you can use V5+ but you need to edit that part out yourself, or just ask Luumia to make it compatible?
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