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  1. Then that's the real question, isn't it? Is it worth jumping to SSE and dealing with the constant update of CC and either postponing on updating all the mods that require the script extender knowing that eventually you will have to download those updated files at some point if you want to keep up-to-date with the latest? or.... Stick with classic Skyrim and try to maintain your game as stable as possible by using the available patches and not going too crazy with scripted mods otherwise you'll turn your game into Fallout 76 with swords. There's pros and cons
  2. I'm not a fan of feminism. But as long as they keep their agenda off games, putting their professionalism and sticking to the core principle of gaming and the idea of the game itself, I don't care what you are. So yeah, I'm going to (for now) give them the benefit of the doubt that politics and a specific agenda will be pushed into this game. I've never pre-ordered a game so I can wait for reviews and critics and form my judgement on game footage. But also, if this isn't on GOG, I'm passing on it as well. I don't like STEAM.
  3. I'm going to give them the benefit of the doubt and remain on the fence on this game. But what we know is there won't be third-person nor modding for this game. Not holding my breath for the future, but who knows in their next iteration. If there is one. https://imgur.com/a/0Ty2I24
  4. @Bullfye Tenzen rarely ever comments on LL anymore., let alone updates the futa thread. I don't think it's anything personal.
  5. Which is good, but also sucked because when that happened, I among others were already blocked from downloading his stuff on Tumblr. He should have moved his work here and give the bird to Nexus. Not that it matters since it's here anyways, but he would have more love here than Nexus and not worry about the staff being offended over a lewd image.
  6. Well, I stopped taking Skyrim serious because no matter how well I patch the game, it's just a dysfunctional POS. Tired of trying to play with really nice mods only to always run into problems. I can't for the love of me return to a basic boring style Skyrim. So I just tinker with meshes and try out outfits I don't have the drive or energy to move over to SSE. I don't feel like downloading and backing up Skyrim mods all over again. And I don't have the drive to port over mods that haven't been ported. Shifting from one game to the same game to do the same thing ingame s
  7. Actually scratch that. If someone can point me to the download link for the CBBE, I'll just port convert it myself. I don't understand Naver.
  8. There's certain content that just doesn't belong in certain places. I've said time and again that Nexus is not the place for adult mods. While it's okay to post it, modders who upload adult content there like male bodies and penises tend to get flack from the immature people there. I've seen many modders disappear because of the drama and it's just not worth uploading there for that reason. I stopped feeling sympathy for modders who continue to take the abuse and complain about it there. There's a place for everything and Nexus is certainly not the place for adult content. Spare yourself the h
  9. I still consider myself a pup. Iv'e only been here since June.
  10. What's DCL? I know I had the same thing happened to be a few times in the past and couldn't find the root cause.
  11. So he's mad at Pete now? But a few weeks ago he was all over his nuts right about the time he had left Obsidian. I guess all that kissing ass to Pete and defending 76 served for nothing.
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