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  1. This sounds exactly like the mod i'm looking for, but I play on SSE. Is there an SSE port out there?
  2. The problem i'm having is that the fade to black effect doesnt happen. I ported it myself to SSE (this is the only mod I ever attempted to port). The MCM menu shows up but the effect doesnt work. I've tried the ENB fixes in the mcm and it still doesnt work.. Should I post more of the Papyrus Log?
  3. hey is there a combat surrender mod that makes it so that the rapists are no longer hostile after the scene? It would be nice if it would also make most hostile male npcs attempt to rape you before engaging in combat, and would only start fighting if you successfully resist (that could be done via dialogue) And would it be possible to have it so that the npc's that are waiting for their turn arr naked? And perhaps even masturbating?
  4. Is there a way to make it so that the people watching and waiting their turn are naked? And perhaps even masturbating? And also is there a way to make it so the the rapists are no longer hostile after the scene (at least for a couple of minutes or something)
  5. i dont know how much of it you need, i dont understand any of it...
  6. hi, is there a mod on SSE that allows you to change the male/female ratio of NPCs, such as bandits? I would just like to increase the amount of male hostile NPCs in the game, to go along with my "Defeat" mod setup. Thanks Also are there mods on SE that helps initiating gangbangs? Something like the "Slut Madness" feature from "Devious Device - More Devious Quest" . Or mods that have features that makes it easy to set up a gangbang via dialogue options?
  7. i can see the MCM, and i've tried the different enb fix options but there is no fade to black during scenes
  8. Thanks for the quick reply So I opened the file in CK then saved it. The MCM menu shows up but i'm not getting any fade to black effect during scenes. I've never ported a mod before tho so i'm not sure I did it right When i open the file in CK I should set the esp for this mod as active right? Am I also supose to select the main Skyrim esm along with it?
  9. nvm its the succubus race mod that changes the body. I do like that body though, how would i batch build my armors to fit this body?
  10. this is really not making any sense, I install the body via bodyslide, then I go in my Data folder to find the femalebody nif. files and open them with nifscope and i'm seeing the correct body which i've just installed. But when i load my game my character has a different body. plz help this has benn going on for a while and i cant fix it. I've tried re-downloading unp body renewal and bodyslide but its still happening
  11. hey i started having this issue for some unknown reason a few days ago. The nude body for my character stays the same no matter which one i install. But for some reason i can still change the body shapes for armors and it will work except the body texture will not match it. I have no idea why this started happening or how to fix it. I dont have any other mods conflicting with the nif. files. Anyone has any idea why this could be happening? I'm using "Unified UNP hdt" body, but i've tried regular UNP and the issue persists
  12. hey, so I posted some ideas for mods on this site a while back and i dont know if it got deleted or if it just didnt work (the site was pretty glitchy at the time so i'm guessing its the latter), so im gonna try reposting them... So the basic idea is to have mods that adds nudity and sexyness in the game. By the way, all the spells i'm suggesting should cost mp and be integrated in the game in a balanced way So first up would be a Conjuration spell that allows you to summon a customizable succubus. you would be able to change her outfit by visiting her somewhere in the game. She would have a wardrobe which you could use to customize equipment sets along with weapons that she would wear when summoned. (In my head you would visit her in the realm of oblivion as part of some epic quest and she was the reward at the end, but i'm not skilled or knowledgeable enough to make such a mod and its probly to much to ask as a request but i still thought i'd put that idea out there) Other sexy conjuration mods would also be great. Like the ability to summon: Sexy Dremoras, Ghosts, Medusas, elementals and whatever else you can imagine would fit that universe. (The elementals would count as Atronach and could probly share the flame atronach's animation) Also some sexy see-through bound deadric armor, which could only be applied when nude, or alternatively would offer extra protection/perks when applied over nude body [maybe even customizable in appearance(I want mine extra skimpy)] Some conjuration Trap spells would be pretty awesome too, like a rune that summons Estrus tentacles on any female hostile that steps on it Or other traps that would bind them in sexy ways (the devices trapping them should have deadric/bound textures for maximum immersion) Oh, and more tentacle stuff plz. Some Alteration spells i would like is something that would allow me to get closer to nature, by increasing the yield of ingredients gained for some period of time when harvesting flowers and plants in the nude. Another alteration spell could allow you to strip NPCs in a way that isnt game breaking. An Illusion spell could make all animals and male NPCs in a radius around you non hostile when you are nude. (Kinda like the master lvl spell but this would be expert lvl) And finaly a restoration spells that increases health/magika/stamina regeneration when outdoors, and increases in strength the less clothes you are wearing. (should probably lasts a good 5 minutes at least in my opinion) Thats all for now, feel free to share some of your own ideals
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