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  1. actually i can get the mod to work at all anymore, i just downloaded the DLCs i was missing so i could use devious devices, but now aaf violate doesnt even work. RSE elements still works but i prefered aaf violate, any help? The mcm menu for aaf violate still shows up, but i cant get it to initiate any scenes, the hotkey doesnt do anything. I tried doing a clean install but it didnt change anything Edit: got it to work now, i just woulnd work alongside with rse elements. which it did before, oh well
  2. is there a way i can set it up so i can trigger scenes with humans, synth, super mutants and deathclaws but nothing else. i dont want the scenes with ghouls
  3. yeah but aaf doesnt really let me to choose which creature/race i can initiate a scene with, i dont want scenes with ghouls. so i'd like to know how i can turn ghouls off at least
  4. can anyone tell me if there is a way to make it so sex scenes can be triggered with deathclaws, but not other creatures? cuz right now im getting scenes with ghouls and i dont want those. Also is there a way to make it so that no scene will play as long as the aggressors are in combat with others? I just find it wierd how the aggressors will just stop fighting creatures or npcs so they can rape me, and those creatures/npcs will just wait there for them to be done also i dont seem to have many customization option, like being able to decide how many agressors can join and how many turns they'll take. Are there mods that i am missing or ways for me to address those issues? im using RSE Elements and AAF Violate by the way. I love the adult animations for this game, its just the lack of option that bothers me
  5. ok i got the wigs working, or at least most of them. the physics are a bit extreme tho and there is no collision with body, is there any way to fix that?
  6. hey thanks for the replies, i downloaded the hair but i cant get the physics to work, the hair is just falling flat trough my character. i have hdt smp and i am using unp body, i'm getting physics for body working properly. what could i be missing?
  7. did anyone manage to get "KS Hairdos" physics to work on SSE?
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