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  1. This project is promising ! the sex in the Sim is going to be in a whole another level 😂 take your time don't rush it because you are making our dream come true 😳.
  2. Also we really need plus size animations for WW, i mostly play with thick sims and most of the animations aren't made for them, like hands getting trough their big butt and breast 😔
  3. Good luck ! and take your time no ones is in a hurry xd
  4. Hey, i really love your work on these very impressive the best i have seen so far, and i just wanted to know if it is possible to make them as an accessory i really want them for my poses.
  5. Thanks to you for liking her , and the house is a creation of Rope's Workshop i really recommend his creations. here's the link for the house : https://simsontherope.tumblr.com/post/185019624381/sims-4-les-marches-it-was-a-long-journey-but-i
  6. A rigged vagina and anus spreading while being penetrated because we need it ‾\_(ツ)_/‾.
  7. Maybe there was a problem when downloading the file, try to download it a second time.
  8. Do you have the latest version of the game and all the packs that i mentioned ? if yes i really don't know what's the problem sorry
  9. This is unusual, i thought i fixed it because the first file was missing Nisa's Wicked perversions and Basemental drugs, try to download these files separately and try again.
  10. I updated the file everything should be working just fine.
  11. Alright i'll take a look, thanks for noticing.
  12. I did not use any custom traits except for the Wicked Whim's ones that you can buy from the reward store, and for the accessory i'm pretty sure that i included everything in the file i did check and everything seems to be in its place.
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