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  1. Maybe reach out to someone and have them make a dungeon. It could be an undertaking but then you can add it to the mod and not require 3rd party assets. You have done a pretty good job with the mod for quest triggers and progression, I bet if you had a stand alone area it would be easier to incorporate rather than modifying an in game space. But maybe I am talking nonsense, I'm only a consumer not a maker so I have no knowledge for levels of difficulty.
  2. Yes i can, which format works best for you?
  3. Yes they are Similar but the Babydolls aren't complete arount the foot so they only work with those shoes. I have an obj of both shoes, and socks.
  4. Looking to have these made for CBBE body. Would prefer sock to be a foot skin so can be used with multiple shoes, and that way they will not take up an Item slot. I have the file for them to maybe make it easier to be made. I just dont have the time or skills to make them.
  5. So i tried to follow your guide here but i just couldnt quite understand what to do when you said to mask the parts. To be honest i would rather commission the work. Like ive said, my modeling skills are disasterous at best. If someone would be interested please feel free to message me and we can negotiate the details.
  6. What i am looking for is a complete foot texture and model that has a frilly ankle sock on it. There is a mod named "Baby Dolls" by Frankfranky, that has a heel and ankle sock item but the sock only works with those heels. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/90038 I would like the socks to actually be a part of the foot texture so if the character is not wearing shoes, their socks are still on. I figured that would really be the only way to have it work properly.
  7. I hope i wont break any rules here. I am trying to modify a few items in game but i just dont have the time nor experience and skill to do so. Is there anyone willing and able to do some work with body/item modeling. I will be able to explain more if i get any interest. Thanks!
  8. I had the same issue with my first install, and encountered a few CTD's. I have this mod working properly, I will snap a screen shot of the order and list of required mods when I get to my PC. But do you have a made mod for the animations? I have one at the end of the load order for the body, the outfits and then for the animations. With my install I have to leave one folder in my overwrite that FNIs makes but the other is placed in the Animations mod each time I run FNIS. If you have the meshes from Bodyslide are placed before Whiterun Brothel then I think you will get the invisible body/ floating head.
  9. The bugs i had were in the first few stages i had a quest trigger to "speak to Lamie" (cant remember how to spell her name properly sorry) After doing so and letting the dialogue play it still would not complete. I used setstage to get past and it still had a marker. I was able to progress the quests after though. I also noticed that the npc's would always run into the table in the main hall and stick there for a minute but i would wait and they would clear. If i would enter the showcase room befor the actor the quest would break, but if i enterred just after them it progress after loading, but would even progress if they entered and i did not. The point where lamie would always have a marker was after the first scene with her and we were back in the jail. Had another point when veez had a similar issue and the quest wouldnt progress after speaking with him. I can test the stafes and give the acurate point after i take some notes. Would also be awesome to have all of the animations be able to be tested in the jail since there are extra cells available the first time you are there.
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