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  1. It looks like Creation Kit isn't finding the psc files for NetImmerse Override. Find them and copy them into Data/Scripts/Source and you should be able to move on to the next bug. It seems that installing RaceMenu wasn`t enough, I had to copy the scripts from netimmerse Override too Okay, that did it....on to the next problems Thanks!
  2. Hi! And congratulations on a wonderfull mod! I am trying to use SlaveTats in my mod, by using this function: SlaveTats.simple_add_tattoo(akactor, "Slave Marks", "Slave (pubic)") ,but I get this error in creation kit, after setting SlaveTats in the properties: The mod is working flawlessly in the game, all the required mods are installed. I even tried to make SlaveTats a master for my mod with WyreBash, but it didn`t solve the compiling problem. I tried to search this thread for answers, but found none. Please help! Thanks!
  3. Just dropped to say thanks for this wonderfull mod!
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