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  1. Thread necro, it's been two years so thought maybe by now someone knows a solution?
  2. Oh ok. Well they should be more clear on Flickr that it's not broken I've just got it hidden. TYVM!
  3. Hmm. This is the error I get: 404 This is not the page you’re looking for. 2019-08-08T01:38:39Z-d581cf50@server It appears the album you seek doesn’t exist. Here are some of today’s best photos instead
  4. @nostickypants the Flickr link is broken. Would love to check it out.
  5. Yeah that's the Plexus MCM option I meant that I tried. Didn't do anything
  6. Is there a way to make Hoth work with SoS? I tried setting him in the MCM to use the plexus but no dice, still an empty hole.
  7. I have the same problem. My only guess is it's a FEP conflict. I can use that mod when my face gets stuck after sex to set my expression to something else. I've turned off expressions now in the MCM to see if that prevents the problem.
  8. Really wanted to try Bijin textures and the freckle overlays I found and so here's Talayeh. I don't know if it's the overlays or the skin but there's the ever so slightest wrist seam. You can see it in the second pic. Do other Bijin users have this? Sort of related but I wanted to try the new Charmers of the Reach head mesh and saw that it had support for Bijin skin today. Tried it out and the skin quality was no where near as nice as regular Bijin 8k and there was a noticeable neck seam. Has anyone else tried CoTR yet and liked it?
  9. Thank you @Gunslicer for the awesome poses and thanks @XenonS3 for the Poser Hotkey file! When using the poser hotkeys, all the poses above 100 go to her covering her breast with her arm with her hand over her vagina instead of showing the poses.
  10. So I never did get the console codes figured out, but thanks to neobunny, I checked the forge and found the recipes there! I appreciate all the help. Only thing that was missing was the pretty matching diamond necklace from the screenshots, it didn't seem to be part of the dress. Anyone know where to find it?
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