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  1. Hey hey, it's after the quest. You have to reach a certain level of Transformation so you can start the Quest (get send to the temple) and after that the hunters have a chance of hunting you.
  2. Hi, I tested the mod the last days and discovered an annoying bug. It happend mutible times while I was speaking to Zaid that Eric (the Guard next to Zaid) called my Character and interrupted the current dialog. After Eric is finished the Quest cannot be continued because the dialog was not finished but it can't be started again. Another thing where I wondert is at the start after I entered Slaverun for the first time. If I chose the "No, one is going to touch my stuff" sentence. All he says is "Get her" and nothing happens. Is this part not implemented yet? Thanks for working on this mod. I'm looking forward to test the Storyline improvements.
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