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  1. no Custom races, just regular imperial girl I did import the face from a nord race and adjusted the face though - could this have an impact?
  2. I tried this with different mods from TeamTAL and it happens ONLY with TeamTAL armors My character can't equip any helmets, they are in inventory but clicking them to equip does nothing. Some pants can also not be equipped together with the (main) chest armor, once chest armor is equipped the pants suddenly unequip themselves weirdly enough, I can force mannequins and followers to wear helmets and pants without troubles - what am I doing wrong?
  3. woahhh thanks, I am stupid I could have sworn it was on 0 before I even had sexlab tools Have reconfigured it now and it all works out - kudos to you
  4. Help, I was previously able to simply use the "0" hotkey to choose from a list of availalbe animations it no longer works and when I try to use a different button it no longer shows me a list but instead cycles through some random animation What should I do? Is this a known problem and are there any fixes? (Trying to remap the button to "0" again will result in "0(" and not do anything)
  5. I am also stuck on the help skala cook thing. I am supposed to talk to the meat slave but there are four meat slaves and none of them say anything to advance the quest line. The quest journal is stuck on "talk to meat slave" and cook something in time, but after waiting three days there doesn't seem to be a time limit to fail the quest and advance anyway.
  6. Soooo.... Common denominator - Conclusion KomAnimObjects? Will cull what is needed and see what happens
  7. Instead of posting my load order, maybe we only need to look for cross connections - Took your quote and removed everything I DONT have: Those that are still shown in the quote are those I also have on my load order. I also colored those black, I think to be unproblematic as they are only cosmetic changes. That way we can wittle down whats happening for both of us. I found a fix for the situation though I don't know yet what causes it. -> Its somehow tied to followers for me -> Dismiss all your followers and clean your save -> Drunken bug doesn't happen for
  8. I have the exact same problem. Everyone suddenly has drunk idle animation and slides around and then the game crashes after triggering a different animation (like fighting idle or crouch) or leaving the zone. The T-Stance only happens on loading a new game, not mid game Weird, it was all fine days ago ps. How do I make a copy of my complete load order?
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