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  1. Well, doesn't seem to have occurred again since, so I think it might of just been a fluke in trying to load the hair in for the first time.
  2. Ye, had just redownloaded stuff but a few hours ago. I've not run into the hair crashing issue again yet, so might of just been a fluke hopefully, though I did just have my whole body disappear when I was messing with the body fat slider and then crashed when I tried to reload the save v:
  3. Recently tried it out again, wonderful job on the updates since! Downside though, while in the racemenu, I kept getting crashed by random hairdos, and I don't know yet if that was just a fluke as it loaded them in for the first time, or if that might cause problems later on
  4. IMO, I think it comes down to the hair styles themselves that can make/break hair on animal heads. I tend to favor mohawkish stuff as that tends to be a pretty common form the animal version of "hair" tends to take.
  5. Eh I dunno, might be my own preference, but I feel like that sort of high contrast detailed hair texture has never really looked that great in most places I've seen it show up. The softer touch in those other pics posted looked much better.
  6. I've noticed it's quite lumpy lookin on the rest of the body as well once ya get past the head and upper body region
  7. Well at most I would just need to khajiit's head and tail to get started. Personally I'd rather keep the muzzle short like the khajiit so it'd be easier to refit khajiit stuff and what not to it. And of course making the tail shorter, I'm kind of curious how the other fellow did his, though I have a guess that he probably just sliced off the other half and went from there. Would love to see that script to help get me started with the head! Also, the kygarra's original source doesn't have any support for the SOS kind of stuff, and the maker stuck some grey underpants onto it's body texture. So anyone else wanting SOS compatible hyena player race doesn't really got any other choice but yours 😩
  8. Would be neat if there was also a way to have like a "lite" version of this mod, like just isolated versions of each race with your modifications so it'll be more flexible with other heavy mods. Obviously it wouldn't be overrun with other animal people anymore, but it'd be nice to at least be able to keep your own personal favored race of the bunch.
  9. While I am familiar with how fragile blendshape stuff can be, what sort of "specific way" do you mean? Is it possible to remake em as well in blender, cause if so, I could possibly even enhance em as well to better fit the remodeled head \o/ If Bad is open to takin me under his wing, I would greatly welcome it. Plus it'd help open the door for me to possibly make some more hairdos for the khajiit and friends, specially for the guys. Too many hippy mullets and not a single variation of the mohawk v:
  10. Ideally, I would love to also be able to give the head a proper make over in like blender or something, cause then I can snip out and rebuild parts as needed, but I wouldn't have a clue of how I'd stick it back in fully functional ? Well, for me, I always felt like a spotted hyenas facial structure tend to be more squarish and round then pointy. Like the ears and noses for example. To help further point it out, here's some good ol fashion red lines :v Course, a bit of my own artstyle probably crept in here and there, but ya. :v
  11. I actually did find a commoner outfit that was done in such a way in the companions place, don't got a pic atm, but ya, would be nice if some more had a bit more accessories still left on the legs so they aren't all so top heavy. Maybe for the one above, could slice out a chunk of the plates from the jacket and stick them on the sides of the leggins to make it match better.
  12. I found a stray weight on the Dawnguard heavy armor. I haven't looked at the other dawnguard stuff, but I'm assuming these probably all share the same model and texture swap Also, might just be my own taste of style, but to me, it feels like some of these outfits could use a bit more stuff on the legs to help balance it out visually, specially since ya left out shoes. So, most simplistic thing I can think of would be Leggings \o/ Simple, but stylish, and makes it not so top heavy visually. Could probably just slice them out of what ever pants used to be there so it'd still match up to the textures. [UPDATE] It's on the lighter version of the armor as well
  13. So, I get the feeling this pack doesn't fancy environmental overhauls very much. For the longest time I kept having a bunch of issues, mainly freezing up in loading, and the occasional instant crash. Well, during all that I also was using a environmental swap, initially a tropical themed one, then I went back to an older one I used to use, that season of skyrim summer. And said issues continued. Well this most recent attempt I've left out that and so far so good. What a pity, never was that big a fan of the snowy wasteland parts of skyrim ? Btw, how hard would it be to do a head swap? I did some touch ups to the hyena race to make it extra hyena like using the fancy sculpt tool. Well.. atleast extra hyena like from my POV, and would love to stick it onto all the rest.
  14. Well, aesthetic wise, I do like the other better personally. Honestly, I'd probably even still go for the lion cloth look the base has if given the option, I suppose I'll have to do some pokin around. [Update: I found a mod that gives back the loincloth] Also I gotta say, kind of surprised ya didn't include some of your other custom races, like the bird and otter, though I can imagine the bird one might of been more complicated to add in with those wings, but why not the otter?
  15. So uh.. any way to selectively leave out that fundoshi thing in favor of the sos underwear? ?
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