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  1. I think there is a few people that could help on this site but I would think that they would have to feel confident this mod is abandoned first. I still have hope this mod could be finished by the author the regular slax is a messy to be honest and the author has not been interested in SE. I like the clean cut options of this mod should they work correctly. I tried to open and make test edits in the script compiler but they always fail to compile. I dont know what im doing in that I would need time to understand script compiler to go further.
  2. This was the issue I had. No option for the pc to have jumped in but Themba said you already did and the bear likes you more already or whatever on the third go.
  3. I am using the SE conversion as well. I suppose i could run it through my own conversion and see if it works better. I wish the mod author would come back and explain a few things better and perhaps finish this. Its set up to be easier than slax but just customizable enough.
  4. I looked through the source code as well without finding anything. I was confused when some people reported numbers for fatigue early in the thread but I believe they were getting that from the original SLAX system meaning this mod had not fully taken effect yet in their game. Im really trying to understand the female satisfaction the source code reads as fallows. if who.GetLeveledActorBase().GetSex() == 1 satisfaction *= femaleOrgasmFactor Seems like it should be written satisfaction = femaleOrgasmFactor * (-base -enjoyment) Where as its a multiplier of the negative
  5. Okay so the name loss bug where you cant talk to them anymore has been fixed for awhile but something in this specific mod brings that back. Issue only happens with the chat dialogue from that specific mod and only clears the name of the spawned follower. Any way you could check how its clearing the name and provide a possible fix with lazy followers? Its a fun mod to play with followers, shame its breaking the name. Also load order doesn't change the name breaking tried over and under. Love your mod and its working great overall!
  6. Looking forward to the start of the client system, love the replay ability it has.. Question, do you plan on having (likely just female) follower support for the client system? Ex. you can ask them to help the client, or is that just saved or the official mansion staff Theana, you, Jala? Maybe follower will have an dialogue option to be a client themselves after spending some time in the mansion. Keep up the great work!
  7. Im Trying to understand the female satisfaction rate, but no matter how I configure it the satisfaction is still similar to the males. The way it appears the female satisfaction is supposed to be = female rate ( base + enjoyment rate) Is that right? So if set to 0.25 the satisfaction should be a quarter of the males if enjoyment and orgasm was equal for example. I cant get this to work. The rest of the satisfaction base+ enjoyment seems to scale correctly. Arousal works from sex and naked actors. Trauma and fatigue never add anything even with factors above 0. Do you need SLAX? I know i
  8. That would be cool. Maybe he makes more progressively perverse comments about your character over time and leading up to activity. Same with the pc, making more remarks over time about his junk. Maybe phillup wants to try different positions with your character (oral,anal,vaginal) as your relationship increases.
  9. Thanks for porting this one over. Shame the original was never finished, glad to see it picked up!
  10. Hey guys is there any way to enable gains on the final stage? All enjoyment stops and you have to back to 2nd to last to get an orgasm. Thanks.
  11. Just wanted to add that as of 2.10 creature bulges do not work. Collisions all work with the rest of the body just not the bulge. 3bbb is up to date and the only fix was to downgrade my ABC back to 1.80 and the bulges all work again. Hope those were not taken out on purpose. Love the mod and great work!
  12. Sorry made a dummy mistake. I forgot SLSO was a fomod that had the SLA option inside of it. I was just checking ror an sla patch esp, there wasn't one. Getting rid of that option fixed my issue with arosal not going down. For anyone getting asked if this mod should overwrite SLSO that means you have the SLA patch installed which breaks this, even if you put SLAM on top. Re-run The slso fomod and uncheck the SLA patch and your good to go.
  13. Also Im using separate orgasms and the correct options in SL itself. I imported that to the new game.
  14. I goofed up something. was working in an existing game when i replaced slax halfway through. I started a new game now something is off. Orgams work but they shoot arousal to 100 and it just stays there no matter how many orgasms. Statisfactionis applying in the status but not working to reduce arousal. SLSO base arousal reduction is 50. Trauma and fatigue does not apply at all no matter the settings or the time/ Naked and sex exposure work but arosal stays at 100 because its not reducing with sex. SLAM is overwriting everything. Not sure what I did other than start a new game.
  15. Right, something seemed off with the arousal implementations in my game. New or otherwise, I found a another Aroused replacement that has what i was asking about built in and everything else is now working correctly as well. Thanks for your help.
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