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  1. how to get rid of this white nipples that happens always while using native tits and heavy tits
  2. How can I make the sim editor like that in the pic ?
  3. the last update , all sims turned into blue squares , what should I do to fix that ??
  4. When I select body , Skin colours just cover it , How to fix it ?!!!!
  5. I found this bottom , could someone send me the link of its top
  6. Could someone make a sim like this hotty Name is : Kiara Mia Inta Link for more photos and details to creat it : https://www.instagram.com/theonlykiaramia Photos
  7. If anyone has this bikini , please reply with its link or send it
  8. Heay , That's exactly what I want , Thanx alote 🔥💋
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