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  1. Well i tested it a couple of times. Just with RJW and RJW - Extension, and i still got the error. I don't know how to fix it I looked in the defs files and the texture names, but i can't figure out whats wrong 🤔 Guess i have to play without the mod... Shame 😔
  2. I always get an error massage and the texture of the gag won't load if a animation plays.I use the version: rjw-ex_1.1.7.7z Am i the only one having this? Does the mod not work with animation framework? I have the latest versions of any mod (RJW, Animation Framework, RJW Extensions from Ed86, S16's Extensions)
  3. I've made a new and better version of my decoration mod! You can checkout the new topic here: https://www.loverslab.com/topic/149278-mod-gnilleks-sextoys/
  4. Back at it again! I've made a new version of my previous mod "sextoy decoration". This one has much higher quality! I made completele new assets, changed the desigantion category (to misc) and addet new sub categorys. Your misc menu should now be less crowded and confusing! You can checkout the mod here: This mod adds new decorative items, such as: - sextoys - bondage stuff - torture instruments You can find all new items in the "misc" tab. There should now be three new categorys where the items are listed: - bondage - sextoys - trays These items are only there to decorate your sexdungeon, for immersion only so to speak! This is my second mod i've ever made and hope you enjoy the content. If you have any more suggestions, to what i could add more - let me know!
  5. Hello guys, i wish there would be some more decoration options for RJW. I searched a bit, but couldn't find any mod that specificly added decorativ items into the game. So i made my own little mod with a bunch of sextoys, bondagestuff and so on... They don't serve any function, they are just there to decorate your sex dungeon. I made the assets myself (i'm not the best artist) and you could improve a lot of coding (maybe add a specific tab just for the sextoys). It's more of an improvised solution, but i thougth to myself i can share it here. This is my first mod, so if there are some bugs... i don't know how to fiy them, but since it's such a simple mod.. there shouldn't be any errors... If you want to improve my mod, feel free to do so! New Assets, improved itemsorting, are welcomed. Maybe i inspired one or another, to make their own mod and make it even better than my self! (apologise for my bad english, hope you didn't get a stroke reading this) Much love Gnillek You can find all items under the furniture tab, you can place them where ever you want. Sextoy Decoration.rar
  6. QUESTION How can i customise the duration-timer of the fuck machines for the addon RJWex ? i go to: D:\Steam\steamapps\common\RimWorld\Mods\RJW-EX\Source\FuckMachines\JobDriver_UseFM there i set the ticks to 60000, but when i go in-game, my pawns still use the machines for a few minutes... what do i have to change, so the fuck machines duration lasts longer?
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